“We will Not be Silent”–The T-shirt of Mass Destruction

Note: links to Goodstorm products have been temporarily disabled. Links to Skreened tees in colors at bottom of page are still active.

Yes, this is it, the slogan that got Raed Jarrar kicked off that airplane in New York. It says, “We Will Not Be Silent” in Arabic language. The English translation is in smaller letters underneath.we-will-not-be-silent.jpg

There are more and more companies that offer sweatshop-free shirts these days, but it is still very, very difficult to find black tees that are not produced by sweatshop labor.

These tees offered by Goodstorm.com, including the black tees, are all sweatshop free. They are either union-made in the U.S. or are produced by American Apparel, which makes a special effort to provide fair labor practices and a living wage for employees.

Click on image to buy shirt.

The “I heart Baghdad” shirt in Arabic was requested by a co-worker who has a friend serving in Iraq. Available in black, white, or colors. To buy a shirt, click on image.


If your heart belongs to Jordan, here is “I heart Jordan” in Arabic:


or “I heart Amman” in Arabic:


“I heart New York” sweatshop free tee-shirt in Arabic:


“I heart Chicago” sweatshop-free tee in Arabic:


Update 5/28/07: these designs are now available in summer colors.


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10 Responses to ““We will Not be Silent”–The T-shirt of Mass Destruction”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Hi Can you make me a tee shirt that says I love Miami

  2. Nijma Says:

    No problem. See a Miami shirt here.

  3. Noura Says:

    Hi Nijma,

    is the “lan nismit” t-shirt in black still available?
    I’d really like to buy one. :)

  4. Nijma Says:

    Yes and no.

    I have been in contact with the Goodstorm people several times–as have some other bloggers that use Goodstorm–and apparently they have had some recent staff changes. I will contact them again, and hope to have all the black tees, including the “lan nesmit” (we will not be silenced), back online by the end of the week. I’ll post an update on this thread when they’re available again.

  5. Noura Says:

    Baraka-allahu-fik! Thank you thus far! I am curious how things will develop.

  6. Mister Ed Says:

    You can get the “Lan Nesmit” shirts from the Critical Voice site:

    :: http://www.thecriticalvoice.org/

  7. Prot Actinium Says:

    I am trying to find a place to buy these tshirts.
    I will not be silenced
    wanted size XXL Black

  8. Bozoer Rebbe Says:

    I won’t hold my breath for them to produce
    I (heart) Jews

  9. Nijma Says:

    No, I will not be offering a Lan Aslam “I will not submit/convert to Islam” shirt anytime in the foreseeable future.

    My focus here is more cultural, to overcome barriers not to cast them in stone.

    In my experience there is a variety of Moslem opinion towards Israel. For instance, Jordanian Moslems really don’t care about “the Jews” at all.

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