Barack Obama for President in 2008 buttons, magnets and bumper stickers

Barack Obama Campaign Buttons and Magnets: (click picture)

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Shop for Obama blue stars with red letters: (buttons and magnets)

obama-campaign-button.jpg obama-campaign-magnet.jpg barack-obama-mini-campaign-button.jpg

Shop for Obama blue whoosh: (buttons, magnets, bumper stickers, oval car stickers)

obama-whoosh-button-225-inch.jpg obama-whoosh-mini-button.jpg obama-whoosh-rectangle-magnet.jpgobama-whoosh-rectangle-magnet.jpgobama-blue-whoosh-oval-bumper-sticker.jpg

Shop for Obama blue ’08 on white background:

obama-08-blue-225-inch-button.jpgobama-08-blue-35-inch-button.jpgobama-08-blue-magnet.jpgobama-08-blue-mini-button.jpg obama-087-blue-rectangle-magnet.jpg obama-blue-rect-sitcker.jpg obama-08-oval-bumper-sticker.jpg

Barack Obama Bumper Stickers:

Oval bumper sticker with red lettering:


Red and blue bumper sticker with white stars and letters:


4 Responses to “Barack Obama for President in 2008 buttons, magnets and bumper stickers”

  1. john Says:

    Wher can I get a B.Hussein Obama IS a racist bumper sticker??

  2. Brad Says:

    I’d like to know the answer to that myself. I want one NOW after hearing Rev. Meeks comments. Does this guy hang around anyone who is not a racist? Anyone who doesnt hate whites? To listen to the hatred of his “spirtiual advisers” should be very scary for anyone who isnt black. Clearly Obama will not represent ALL people if elected.

  3. Nijma Says:

    If you’re looking for that kind of bumper sticker here, don’t hold your breath. If you haven’t noticed, this site is pretty Arab-friendly. Hence the camels. Also, Barack Obama is my senator, and a pretty good one.

    I’m not familiar with Meeks’ latest comments, but he has said some things over the years that are odd at best. And there are some real issues with separation of church and state when this guy is a U.S. rep and the pastor of a megachurch all at the same time.

    Don’t confuse Obama with his political allies. Just as there is no Typical White Person, there is also no Typicial Black Chicago Politician. I agree the issues raised are troubling though. If someone could figure out a way to express that on a bumper sticker without stereotypes, I would consider offering one.

  4. Joy Says:

    There are always people out there trying to have a reason to hate on someone who is trying to make a change for the better. Stop spreading hate with those false rumors and embrace a change. There are other more important issues to address in this world than to keep hatred filtering throughout the internet. Don’t assume you know a person just because they socialize and are cordial to everyone. Obama has his own mind and views and I think we can all see he is not weak minded and can speak for himself.

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