Barack Obama for President in 2008 T-shirts

Barack Obama T-Shirts, Thongs, Dog Tees, and other Apparel–click image

Note: Sorry, but I am unable to edit the image links properly since the last WordPress image program upgrade. Here are links to the shops. Each item shown is available in most, if not all of the designs:

Obama with red bars and three blue stars:

Blue Obama ’08:

Red circle with “Obama–Fired up and ready to go”.

Obama with red bars and “si se puede” and “yes we can” slogans.

Obama blue whoosh on black background (the most popular)(buttons and stickers only):

Miscellaneous buttons and bumper stickers:

obamatee.jpgobama-08-blue-fitted-t-shirt.jpgobama-08-blue-organic-t-shirt.jpgobama-fired-up-fitted-t.jpgobama-fired-up-jr-ringer-t.jpgobama-fired-up-organic-t.jpgobamas-fired-up-ringer-t.jpgobama-yes-we-can-shirt.jpg obama-08-blue-dog-t-shirt.jpg obama-08-blue-underwwear-shorts.jpg obama-08-blue-thong.jpgobama-yes-we-can-thong.jpg
To see buttons, magnets, and bumper stickers for Obama click |here|.

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