An American Moslem Talks about Danish Cartoons

Here is the straight poop on cartoons, boycotts, jihad, and the meaning of life from my Moslem friend who teaches Koran. I don’t know about anyone else, but these exchanges always make me feel a little bit closer to Allah:

“Mohammed (peace be upon him) did not suffer anything from the newspaper cartoons because he is dead, he is at peace, he is in paradise. There is no reason to ask for any apology, because what do you expect from people who say God had a son. They will say anything. They will draw cartoons too. Now man marries man: I am finished with that. The demonstrations going on now are not right because innocent people are hurt. They should leave it alone. God will be the judge. (in the afterlife)

“I have not seen the cartoons, but they were bad because we do not show Mohammed (peace be upon him) or Jesus (pbuh) or Moses (pbuh) or anyone Allah has sent in a political cartoon. It is okay to show Bush in a cartoon.

“Denmark is a small country and economically fragile and very good because it has given a home to many immigrants, not only Moslem. Everyone says this. It took 40 years to build an economic relationship with the Middle East, which is now gone and because of something like this. I would not buy anything from this country. People understand the newspaper is not under the control of the government. The newspaper reflects the people.

“The Koran ayah (9:29) does not mean to go to other lands and kill anyone who is not Moslem. It means if they rise against Moslems because of their beliefs, to fight back.

“The Dawa (Islamic community) passed through many phases. The Prophet bought and sold from Jews and Christians; he made a peaceful contract with them. He used to go and visit with Jewish neighbors. Allah asked him to go battle because some people caused trouble and would not leave him alone. He was not sure of a win. He had a small army. He won the battle with a few people, but a lot of people escaped. Then he settled for peace. The powers have to be balanced before you can sit with an agreement. You have to show some power.

“There were two major battles in Islamic history. The prophet made peace agreements with Jewish, Christian, Ethiopian, and Roman people. He had to scare them for an agreement for peace. He never fought by himself but fought when Allah fought with him.

“The Koran says that we must respect other religions. We are on this earth for one reason: to love and be loved, to respect and be respected.”

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