Eleventh Commandment discovered on St. Sinai?

Words, words, words. Everyone thinks they remember how many commandments there were, but has anyone actually thought to go to the mountain and see for themselves? This is exactly what I did back in 2001. And here is the photo. Incontrovertible pictorial evidence of The Eleventh Commandment at the summit of Mt. Sinai in Egypt, known locally as Jebel Musa (mountain of Moses). Moses did indeed drop one on the way down the mountain.

11th-commandment-stone.jpgHere is the answer to all the world’s problems, in this 11th commandment. But what does it say? Does it contain, as some who interpret Exodus 21 might think, a fashion statement about male bondage fetishes and ear piercing that closely follows the commandments in Exodus 20? Or is it that ever-elusive Secular Morality Creed that will unite all religious and non-religious peoples together in a just government in a nation where 79% of the voters say they believe in God?

trail-marker-at-summit-of-mt-sinai-did-moses-drop-one-on-the-way-down72.jpgOr maybe it’s just a trail marker….

It has come to my attention that some unscrupulous individuals have suggested these are photoshopped. Compare my photo of the summit of Jebel Musa with other photos of this well-visited landmark.

From left to right, the summit of Mt. Sinai, the burning bush surrounded by stone wall with fire extinguisher in the ground beside it, and St. Catherine Monastery at the base of Mt. Sinai with the mountain in the background and the burning bush in the upper left.

Of course, my tour includes a few things the regular tours don’t, like the fire extinguisher beside the burning bush. O ye of little faith, does anyone really believe that I could go to the top of the mountain and not come down with an Eleventh Commandment?

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