JetBlue Airline gives official response to T-shirt Incident

JetBlue Airline has issued an official response to the t-shirt incident with Raed Jarrar.

Mr.Jarrar was approached by TSA and JetBlue personnel because they saw that customers in the area had noticed his T-shirt and were confused or concerned about it. In that situation, our crew members have the responsibility to create a safe environment as well as safe travel. If there’s anything that upsets or confuses our customers, our crew members have to address them. At the same time, they have to respect the rights of the individual and make sure the individual is treated fairly and respectfully. JetBlue personnel approached Mr. Jarrar and explained that customers were concerned or confused and asked if he could ease the confusion. At no time was he ever denied boarding. He did agree to put another T-shirt on which we purchased for him which we really appreciated.

So you see, Mr. Jarrar was not refused boarding. He was just refused boarding while wearing the T-shirt. Is anyone “upset” and “confused” by this?


2 Responses to “JetBlue Airline gives official response to T-shirt Incident”

  1. Bob Says:

    I’m not sure how I feel. Yeah, probably upset. Angry. Amazed. Astounded. Dumbfounded. Of course it’s not just JetBlue. I honestly believe other passengers were uncomfortable, and that’s where the real work is. Until we as a group uplift our awareness to a place where we’re okay with difference, this kind of scenario is going to play itself out over and over…

  2. Nijma Says:

    Thanks, Bob, for adding your wisdom to this when it was posted at my blog over on MySpace. When I moved the post, I moved your comment too. Didn’t seem quite right without it.

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