Raed Jarrar and the JetBlue Airlines “We will not Be Silent” T-shirt Incident

My attention was caught by the story of an Arab, Raed Jarrar, who tried to board a plane at JFK airport wearing a T-shirt in Arabic script that said “We will not be silenced.”

According to Raed’s blog, a representative of the airline asked him to put on a different T-shirt before he was allowed to board the plane.

She asked, what kind of t-shirts do you like. Should I get you an “I heart New York” t shirt?

So Mr. Harmon said, “No, we shouldn’t ask him to go from one extreme to another.”

I couldn’t find a “We will not be silent shirt” on the web anywhere, so I designed one.

Then I started wondering why someone wearing a shirt with Arabic script was automatically assumed to hate New York. So I did another shirt that says “I heart New York.” in Arabic script.

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