Bill of Rights Poster Free to Public School Teachers

How do you spell habeas corpus? And which amendment was that again?

Don’t forget the Bill of Rights. If you are a public school teacher you can get a free poster with the Bill of Rights sent to your school address. All you have to do is promise to put it up in a classroom or hallway.

UPDATE: As of Novermber 2006, the Progressive Patriots now say they will send a poster to anyone.

Another update: They say they are out.  People who ordered these did not recieve them.

4 Responses to “Bill of Rights Poster Free to Public School Teachers”

  1. Title 7, Inc. Says:

    Please send a copy of the bill of rights.

  2. Nijma Says:

    Click on the links, Title 7, to contact the organization that was offering them. Good luck, though. My administrator sent them an email two years ago and received nothing, not even a polite “sorry”.

  3. Morson Says:

    This is the good way of campaigning.Just keep it up.

    • Nijma Says:

      This is spam but I left it up because the link is so unusual. It’s a link to “Hum Dono: In search of Soulmate” an Indian matrimonial website. You can select age group, religion and caste. If you select Hindu religion, you get a drop down menu for some fifty different castes or “any caste”. There are fifteen Brahman castes alone.

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