How to have a tasteful execution? Get rid of the evidence!

A guard who was present at Saddam’s execution has been arrested by the Iraqi government for taping the execution with a cellphone and posting it to the internet. But other witnesses say several higher level Iraqi officials also were seen taping the execution. The arrest of the guard is just a coverup for the muckety-mucks.

Yes, if you look at the camera angles on all the execution videos, there was definately more than one camera in that room.

But aren’t they missing the point?

Mr Rikabi reiterated that the Prime Minister had wanted the execution of the former dictator to be a sombre affair and that all the witnesses had their phones and cameras removed from them beforehand.

If you want to have a somber affair, you have a somber affair. You don’t have a free-for-all, and then just claim you had a somber affair. Taking away the cellphones doesn’t make an affair somber. it just makes it easier to lie about what happened.

It’s a little late for a cover-up. They should be looking for the ones who shouted “you’re going to hell”, not the ones with the cameras. They should be looking to whether their government promotes justice or sectarian vengence. And then they should be looking to share power with the Sunnis.

If you want to have a “sombre affair” you need more cameras, not less.

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