T Shirt for Muslim Americans Against Terrorism

Now you can announce to the world, “I am not a terrorist.”

muslims-against-terr-blkstore-image.jpgOr maybe it should say “Arab Americans Against Terrorism”? Or “American Arabs Against Terrorism?

Is it better to identify by religion or by culture or by language? By something else? So here is another slightly different Tee:


Is nationality a force that unites people for good or divides people artificially? What about religion?

In a nation with freedom of religion (we still DO have that, don’t we?), should anyone identify their religious affiliation at all?

The T-shirts are available here. As always, sweatshop-free and ethically produced.


2 Responses to “T Shirt for Muslim Americans Against Terrorism”

  1. MUslim Says:

    muslims arent terrorists just because a couple are doesnt mean u have the right to campain against us. Muslims are good people!!!!! even the way we say hello , asalam ualakum
    that means may peace be upon you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nijma Says:

    وعليكم السلام

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