Useful ESL Links for Teachers and Students

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Here is a list of useful links for teachers from the community college system to resources for reading, cultural awareness, and teacher professional groups for Teaching English as a Second language and Teaching English as a Foreign language.

The following links have been recommended within the community college system:


Cultural Awareness

Mozaik Magazine explores racial and multicultural issues with its online magazine and extensive archives.

Comparing Cultural Differences: Mexico with Canada & the United States

Multicultural Pavilion–a detailed and thorough list of resources and links about varied cultures and the effect on education. This is mostly a K-212 resource, but the information is useful for adult classes.

Minority Literature/Multi-cultural Resources-Poems, stories and criticism from many cultures

Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Resources.This site is oriented especially toward adult education.

Culturegrams. these are four page summaries of history/culture for msot of the countries fo the world. Only a sample is online. The others need to be ordered.

Cultural differences: Are we really that different? a thought-provoking article from someone who has had genuine experience.

Working on Common Cross-Cultural Challenges. A summary of the major impact points in cross-cultural communication.

Professional Associations Related to Adult Education

(some have continuing education cpu’s)

Teachers of English to speakers of Other Languages. an international organization for ESL and EFL tachers at any level (K-12, adult ed, higher ed.), with state and local chapters throughout the world. anual converntion in the U.S. or Canada, other professional develop[ment activities, journals, materials, job bank for members and more.

Illinois TESOL-bilingual Education. The Illinois state affiliate of TESOL, for people involved with ESL or bilingual education at any level. Annual statewide convention, other professional development activities, newsletter, job bank on the web for ESL, adult educators and others.

Commission on Adult Basic Education. COABE. A national organiztion for adult educators. Annual convention, newsletter, and other professional development opportunities.

Illinois Adult and continuing Educators Association IACEA. Affiliated with AAACE; Illinois organization for anyone involved with adult education. Annual convention, legislative advocacy for adult ed.

American Association for Adult and Continuing Education. AAACE. An international organiztion for adult educators. Annual convention, journals, materials.

Adult Numeracy Network. ANN. A national organization for adult education math teachers. Annual convention, newsletter.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. NCTM. A national organization for math teachers at all levels. National and regional conventions, journals, materials and more.

And from the MySpace blog for students at

Here is a list of links to useful sites for students of English as a Foreign Language.

(These sites are recommended within the community colleges system.)

Hello students.

Here are some interesting websites for English.

(vocabulary practice)

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