Beam me up, Scottie–Rapture Readiness is now an Exact Science

Just when you thought you’d seen everything, there’s a website that claims to track rapture-related events. Who would think that the price of oil, unemployment, the interest rates, and attacks on farm animals could all be “factored together” into a “cohesive indicator” to “standardize prophecy reporting”. Also considered: drug use by teens, “beast government” (Romania and Bulgaria join the EU), and “date settings”:

Several organizations have been talking about Iran launching
an attack against Israel on 22 Aug. The claim is based on the
doomsday beliefs of Iran’s President.

Interesting enough, the site also defends human rights:

To have a dictator, there must be a shortage of civil rights, and of
human rights. The time a people least expect their losing their freedom
is when they are willingly giving it up.

And the bottom line? The Rapture Index is down one from 161 to 160. Meaning what? Anything over 145 means “fasten your seat belts.”

If you are concerned about the end of the world, you can study the factors in the rapture index at

The day I become concerned about the end of the world will be the day when the authors who made so much money on the “taken up” book series follow the Biblical injuction to take everything they have and give it to the poor.

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