Iraq improves execution coverups

Two more members of Saddam’s inner circle were executed at 3 A.M. local time. Reporters were shown a government videotape of the execution.

No taunts accompanied this execution. How do we know? A spokesman for the Iraqi government said so. Like the government tape of the Saddam execution, this government tape also had no sound.

Apparently it has now become U.S. policy to declare publicly what actions it wants from the Iraqi government. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, commented on the Saddam execution from Egypt:

“There is no doubt that this should have been handled with dignity,” Rice said during a news conference with her Egyptian counterpart.

“I hope that those who are responsible for the way that came out will be indeed punished,” she added.

So the punishment should fall, not on those who made the event undignified, but on those who exposed the truth to the sunlight.

And for those who have wondered whether the U.S. is controlling the Iraqi government from behind the scenes, I guess that question is cleared up too.

Round up the usual suspects.

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