OMG, the grant application deadline is WHEN? oh, right, no problem…

So this week you just got a new textbook you get to teach for the first time, you found out you’re teaching that odd class in a remote location with less than a week to prepare, the dean will be around tomorrow to see if you’ve got all the names written in your attendence book, you haven’t written your syllabus yet, you’ve been talking to students about their goals and there are some special purpose funds that fit right into what you want to do this semester? And the deadline for grant applications is approaching quickly…

First you need a bunch of links. Here is the site with the most complete listing of links on the web. Some of the examples funded grants are no longer on line, but there is still a lot of info there.

By skimming a succession of articles, I was quickly able to focus on what I want to accomplish with the grant and how to present it, the typical formats, and the typical reasons grants are rejected so I can watch for pitfalls. Then some very specific advice. Find out what exact format is required by your specific organization, get a copy of some successfully funded proposals, find a second set of eyes to proofread your paper, and present yourself in simple but formal language.

Okay , I’ve got all the stuff in hand and the blessing of my program coordinators as well. Ally Ooop.


2 Responses to “OMG, the grant application deadline is WHEN? oh, right, no problem…”

  1. Bob S-K Says:

    Go forth and be successful.

  2. Nijma Says:

    That’s exactly what I needed someone to tell me. I’ll consider myself Anointed.

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