Where is the al Aqsa Web Cam?

Last Friday, after a disturbance at the site of a sidewalk repair at the Moor’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, a webcam was placed outside the construction site to reassure Arab critics. But where is the webcam? Reports place a temporary wooden sidewalk next to and impinging on the women’s section of the Western Wall, the place most Jews prefer to pray at until the coming of their long-awaited Messiah.

Here is the BBC News diagram:

Here are a few photos of the Western Wall in Jerusalem taken at the millineum.


The first photo is the men’s section of the western wall with a few men praying. In the background is the smaller and more crowded women’s section.


A little bit longer shot of the previous photo. Visible at the top of the wall are the two mosque domes, al-Aqsa on the right and the Mosque of Omar on the left. A half hour after I took this photo, there was a sound of loud chanting from the direction of the mosque entrance on the far right. Then there was a scuffle and several youths broke through from the direction of the mosque and were quickly taken into custody. Late I climbed the hill in the Jewish Quarter of the Old Town and looked back down on the plaza. On the right I could see the silhouettes of a line of soldiers with machine guns. It would make a great photo, I thought, then looking at the empty windows overlooking my position, and wondering if there was an official policy about what can be photographed, I decided it was one of those pictures I was not going to take.


Above the Western Wall is the Haram al-sharif temple complex. The building  straight ahead in the photo is the al-Aqsa Mosque, built by the Knights Templar. Underneath is said to be the stables of Soloman. Panning the camera ninety degrees to the left would show the gold-domed Mosque of Omar. Ninety degrees to the right would show the top of the Western Wall, above where the Jews are praying, several uniform-clad Israeli soldiers sitting on a bench above the wall, looking bored with their machine guns held relaxed.


3 Responses to “Where is the al Aqsa Web Cam?”

  1. mohamed Says:

    j aime bqc aqsa

  2. Anonymous Says:

    the templar knights never built al alqsa what you on about, you wrote in that last paragraph “The building straight ahead in the photo is the al-Aqsa Mosque, built by the Knights Templar. It wasnt built by the knights templar

  3. Nijma Says:

    What is now the al-Aqsa mosque has of course been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. The Knights Templar occupied the site from 1119 to 1187. They were well known as builders; the Temple Church in London, the Gothic cathedral in Chartres, and the Atlin castle south of Haifa are examples of the Templars’ skill in architecture and masonry. They were responsible for the present external appearance of the building as it is usually photographed.

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