Gnostic Mandaean Religion Persecuted in Iraq

The Iraqi Mandaean religion may be facing extinction due to recent religious persecutions.

More than 60,000 Mandaeans were in Iraq in the early 1990s, but only about 5,000 to 7,000 remain.

The Mandaeans are related to the Gnostics who practiced baptism when Jesus walked the earth. They are sometimes referred to as Sabians and sometimes St. John Christians. However, they have their own sacred writings and regard Jesus as a perverter of their religion. mandaean-art1.jpgA large number now live in Australia. Historically they have made a living as silversmiths and come from southern marsh area of Iraq, although Mandaeans have had large population groups in several areas of Iraq. Their knowlege of astrology is similar to the Magi, they eat ritual meals for the benefit of the deceased, pray three times a day towards the north, and recognize light spirits but not dark spirits. They are believed to have originated in Jordan, then traveled west after the fall of Jerusalem.


3 Responses to “Gnostic Mandaean Religion Persecuted in Iraq”

  1. Bassam_g Says:

    to the writer
    An advice to you before you write anything about the most old religion in the world.
    you have to read about Sabean Mandaeans first.
    Magi is Haram in Mandaean religion. its forbidden and not axepted !! But they were very known in astrology sience ” SIENCE ”
    Sabian from Sabaa / Yemen.. Sabeans are the Mandaeans that not dopped yet and Mandaeans are the ppl who dopped and became Mandaean !!
    Mandaeans live near the rivers. so you find them in Anbar too. not just in the south of iraq !! the majority was in southern iraq and Iran !! but now after the bad situation in iraq they are overall in this big world

    there are some say that Mandaeans originally originated in Palestine. but the jews started to attack them and since its forbidden in Mandaean religion to use weapons and kill a soul. so the jews killed a big number of Mandaeans. so they had to leave Palestine and move to Southern Iraq and Iran. and the other alternative says that they lived near Jordan river and then moved to those areas !!

  2. Nijma Says:

    Thanks “crizy” Sobbiblog. I don’t understand Persian language, but the baptism photos in the blogroll links are very interesting.

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