Halliburton moves, Cheney changes citizenship to Dubai

Just kidding about the V.P., but Halliburton has indeed moved to Dubai.

Speculation about the reasons includes “some of the world’s most liberal tax, investment and residency laws,” to no extradition agreement with Dubai, to the ability to trade legally with countries like Iran. U.S. law forbids U.S. companies from doing business with countires that support terrorism, including Iran and Syria, but a loophole in the law allows subsidiaries in other countries to do so. One such subsidiary is Halliburton Products and Services, based in the Cayman Islands.halliburton-sign-freewaybloggerdotcom.jpg

How big a change is this going to be for Halliburton?

When CBS Television’s 60 Minutes program visited the address where Halliburton Products and Services is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, they discovered a “brass plate” operation with no employees whose agent – the Calidonian Bank — forwards all of the company’s mail to Halliburton’s offices in Houston (instead of the company’s operations in Dubai), “indicating that decision-making authority may be in Houston, not the Cayman Islands or Dubai,” according to the Senators. In addition, it was reported that Halliburton’s operations in Dubai share the same address, telephone and fax numbers as Halliburton Products and Services – an indication that the companies do not function separately.

And doesn’t Dubai also have very, very private bank accounts?

Here are some links for following events surrounding oil in the Middle East, particularly proposed Iraqi legislation:




8 Responses to “Halliburton moves, Cheney changes citizenship to Dubai”

  1. Vicki Torrescano Says:

    I need your help. My ex-husband is not paying his court ordered child support. All I need is a physical address in order to subpoena his pay. I am desperate. I already have a court date, all I need is proof of his pay. Thank you, Vicki

    • Anonymous Says:

      Really Vicki? He has paid over and above his court-ordered child support. Way above and that is easy to PROVE.

      Now let’s discuss your substance abuse, your ‘disability’, having seizures with the children in the car and putting their lives in danger, the number of times the police have been called to your house,

      Also, the fact that your ex-husband was not served and had no idea you had a court date. You have every contact number you need and his address. Why is it that you hid this information?

      • Anonymous Says:

        I guess you also forgot that even though he pays you $3000/month in child support, he also pays for their phones, their gym membership, their spending money, their travel arrangements, their clothing for the year, shall I go on…AND UNLIKE YOUR POSTING, THIS IS EASILY PROVEN.

        You forgot to mention also that you were recently fired from your job for substance abuse. Charming mother. No wonder you are flipping out because your children don’t want to live with you anymore.

    • Anonymous Says:

      On another note, if he had refused to pay child support that is court ordered, he would have been fired and/or the amount would be coming out of his pay????

  2. Nijma Says:

    Good luck. It sounds like you’ll need it.

  3. Nijma Says:

    If you two have something to talk about and you want to talk about it here, feel free.

    On the other hand, maybe it’s time to start going to meetings again. The people there probably wouldn’t be any less sympathetic.

    How to find an AA meeting.

  4. anonymous Says:

    Dear Anonymous,
    you are totally off base and are saying derogatory statements that are not true. You have an agenda and that is to protect the absentee father in this matter. You’re obviously not an impartial person in this matter and I would say slanderous in what you are stating as facts. I have known Vicki for a long time and you are not correct in your “FACTS”

    • Stand up Dad Says:

      Anonymous My fuzzy Rear!?!?!? We all know who you are and why you spout untruths!!! I’m one of the few Dads who has the guts to take on the role that God gave me and wish that your Halliburton man would do the right thing before he has to stand before God and answer the tough questions. We can all lie thru our teeth here but a time will come that all the slander and all the toxic garbage that we spread will weigh VERY heavy on our shoulders. If you truly believe the things you have said and think your guy is just a poor unfortunate victim in all this than you need to take off the blinders and look a bit deeper into the reality of the situation. The really sad part about all this is that the kids get caught in the middle between the very people who should be keeping them from harm. You don’t understand what all the slanderous tripe you are spewing will do to these children as they grow and try to have normal relationships. I do!!!!! Why don’t you back off for just long enough to see that all you are doing is trying to hurt some one just for the sake of seeing them suffer!?!?!? That’s called Sadism!?!? Sorry…….Just had to get that off my chest cause I hate to see kids used as pawns………Stand up Dad

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