Banned In Baghdad: Singer Hossam Al Rassam

“You infidel and devil-follower, … you deserve to die for pushing Muslims to corruption and adultery.”

So said a letter to Ammar (first names only, please) who once ran a music store in eastern Baghdad. In September followers of Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr (that guy again!) came to his shop and told him to shut it down. Then three guys in black came and sprayed the shop with gunfire, destroying it and wounding Ammar.

Now Ammar works at the Aldar Albaidaa chain of music stores in Kurdish Suleimaniyeh. Aldar Albaidaa opened a branch in Suleimaniyah because it was no longer safe to sell music in central and southern Iraq. Shiite and Sunni Muslim religious extremists have forced stores selling CDs and DVDs to shut down, sometimes killing employees. Friends in Baghdad are afraid to listen to music in public for fear of the Islamists.

hussam-alrassem75.jpgAmong the best-selling CD’s–Iraqi singer and oud player Hossam Al Rassam, who now lives in Syria, who sings in one album, “What a pity, it [Baghdad] was the jewel of the Arabs, but it was sold away in an auction.” The best-selling song titles–songs about Iraqis who had fled from violence, like “So we don’t forget Iraq” and “The pains of our people.”

Fortunately, especially if you happen to live in Baghdad, you can download (link not active) his songs in MP3 format. And here is a link (link not active) to the lyrics (in Arabic) of his Iraq Story (Mawal) on YouTube.

I’m not sure if this is the “maqam” traditonal style he is known for, the “tarabi” style deplored by some Arabic speaking bloggers or the “6a6awww music” they seem to like. I have to say the vocals are much too morose and over the top in the emoting department for my taste, although the background music is interesting in an Eastern mystical way (although I do like overdone Arab love songs in general like, say, Ehab). Perhaps his popular “My mother I have been bitten by a scorpion” love song would be more my cup of tea.

UPDATE: The above links are no longer active.  Hossam Al Rassam’s own website is down too.  A pity.  I would like to hear a sample of the types of his music.  He has a soccer tune out too that was very popular. The best I can recommend now is to google his name and look for something on YouTube.

Another update:

Here is the scorpion song “Agaraba” العگربة on YouTube.

Here is the football song “Jeeb al cas” – جيب الكاس – bring the (trophy) cup

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  1. melisa Says:

    i love u hussam alrassam love u so much u r the best singer.i love all ur songs i love ur face i love ur butty face.i love ur sexy body mwahhhhhhhhh love ya u r the best.

  2. diana Says:

    hussam al rassam is the best love ya love ya mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all my love to u.frome diana

  3. عسل معسل Says:

    دووووم يا حسام الأفضل

  4. Anonymous Says:

    walla mako a7la min hussam al rassam , walla i love you

  5. sarah Says:

    i love your new song asood al rafidain il yom bil malab………………… thank you very much for this song it made every body 1 christians,sona.shiaa,kurd,sabia…
    i am one of your fance

  6. sarah Says:

    i love your songs thankyou very much for asood al rafidain it made every one 1

  7. diana Says:

    i love u so much and when any one speak about u or at u i just fight with that person i love u so much u r the best singer.

  8. diana Says:

    the best singer in the world i love u so much and i wish u come to australia again walla walla walla i will not let u go any where if u com 2 australia again. u r my heart and u r my life and u r my world{{hosam al rassam}}

  9. dalia Says:

    hiiiiiiiiii hosam ani antazrak teji lil sewd ahebek kolesh 2ehwaia 2nshala ashufak

  10. Anonymous Says:

    nana mi

  11. iraqi_princess Says:

    i love hussam my babyy…back of gurls

  12. zeianb Says:

    halla wallla i love u so much i like u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much tc habbeyxxxxxxxxxxxxx i am from iraq but i am in london if u waaa add me plz do on

  13. KHaliiiid Says:

    HALLOO !! Hossam inta walla nageeeem … intaa ibn el iraaq shokran ala el songs about iraqq o el fariiq :D


  14. wurood Says:

    hussam inta iraqie asly u r the best go go hussam

  15. wurood Says:

    btw does hussam see these msgs

  16. Nijma Says:

    Does Hussam see these messages?

    It’s very possible. A lot of people google themselves.

    Someone in Syria looked at this page today at 12:37 P.M. Chicago time, which would be, let’s see, eight hours difference…8:37 P.M. in Syria!!

  17. Suheil Shaya Says:

    I didn’t like the song that said IRAQ SHIAA AND SUNAA what about the Iraqi Christian they are not Iraqi
    For you Hussam Alrassam I thought you sing for all Iraqis because all Iraqi suffered in this war so please
    Change this song if you not resist. do not forget that the Christian are the native of Iraq (the kalddans and
    Assyrian). Suheil Shaya real Iraqi from Canada.

  18. diana Says:

    walla inta ya hosam ahla mogany fel alam.i luv u so much hosam proud 2 be iraqi and i will neva say im not iraqy untill i die i will say im iraqi and iraqi and iraqi.god bless iraq and kill amaricans and move them frome iraq.luv iraq and hosam al rassam 4 evaaaa

  19. Nijma Says:

    “god bless iraq and kill amaricans”, Diana?

    What religion teaches you to pray to kill innocent people based on their nationality? Would this be the Religion of Peace?

  20. كرستينا Says:

    هلو حسام شلونك اني معجبة من سويد اريد ايميلك

  21. زبيور Says:

    هاي حسام اني معجبة بيك هواية يمتى تجي للسويد

  22. زوزو Says:

    هاي حسام ياريد اتنزل صور جديدة و حلوة اوكي و جنت طالع تغبل بل قناة الشرقية

  23. فراشة العراق Says:

    هلو شلونك حسام اني من سويد اغانيك كلش حلوة خاصتة مال افكر بيك باااااااااااي

  24. عيون زرق Says:

    هلو شلونك طلع اغنية عن عيون زرق اني من سويد

  25. Sara Says:

    hi Hossam i swear god u r the best singer n I’m leting u know this from all the Iraqis in Australia.Inta najm.

  26. husain Says:

    hussam i like you. Your the best singer in the wold

  27. mustefa Says:

    هاي حسام ياريد اتنزل صور جديدة و حلوة

  28. swren Says:

    hi hussam al rassam iam swren in sulaimany i so miss u i love u

  29. muna Says:

    hi hussam i love u with the bottom of my heart u are the best singer in the world u are an honor to all iraqis u show the world that iraqis are the best…. i love u so much and i hope u would continue to do ur best

  30. mustafa Says:

    hi hussam u da best

  31. Nour Says:

    Salamz hussam!
    hilwaaa mnnek ya hussam! wallah inta najm el3eraq kulleh. You have the most gorgeous voice ever wallah.
    Al3eraqiyeh 4everrrrrrr.
    All the best.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihosam Iam from Australia I love you

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I like the last song for you
    And my nam is Peone, Can you sand any masseg for me .

  34. (N) brens Says:

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  35. كاتارينا Says:

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  36. ali Says:

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  37. mariam Says:

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  38. HUSSAM Says:

    اني حسام من المانيه اموت عليك حسام الرسام او ياريت ازورنه

  39. HUSSAM Says:

    حبيبي حسام بس بيك شغله مو حلوه تجرح الواحد ابصوتك معا تحياتي الك اخوك حسام القراقي من المانيه اميونخ او هاذا اميلي عل ياهو لوكي ABO_ARAB82 باااااااااي

  40. khaled Says:

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  41. عاشقة بغداد Says:

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  42. مجهول Says:

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  44. samira Says:

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  45. ruaa Says:

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  55. HoSsaM aL DeeN Says:

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  57. 3anoona Says:

    i dnt get it how did hussam get banned ?????? some 1 plzzzzzzzz answer me

  58. 3anoona Says:

    wallah i luve u sooooooo mcuh and now ur here in america and i bought the ticket to see u in ur concert…. aaaaaaaah i cnt wait …. 3 more dayzzz…

  59. مريم الاشورية Says:

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  61. ban kate Says:

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  68. hussam z a baathist homo Says:

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  69. Anonymous Says:

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  72. chadir Says:

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  77. Noena Says:

    Hii Hussamm.
    I’m one off the big bigbig fance from you i like you sooo muchh your voice is soo beitifall i like youuu… machallah 3lek ya hussam wallah inak fawakt ras aliraqien ihna moeftagarien biek allah ma jehrimna min sotak…
    .Noena min Iraq-Holland

  78. zena Says:

    hey hussam i like ur songs its so nice walla especailly iraqi songs about football thats more more beautiful im from australia i hope u will came again and we can see u here in this place and yeh i miss iraq 2 i hope i will go back 1 day inshallah. love u sooooooo muchhhhhh…….

  79. omran Says:

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  82. علي عباس كاظم Says:

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  99. Irak-iLady Says:

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    i love your song

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