Iraqi Moment of Silence for Halabja

My Kurdish students at Haleel Achmar told me they had seen chemical weapons used by Saddam in Iraq, but they wouldn’t talk about it. Now the Iraqi govenrnment has made an official recognition of the genocide in Halabja. The following appeared as filler at the end of a story in the Friday-Saturday (March 16-17) edition of the Jordan Times :

The government, meanwhile, announced that it had decided to hold a minute of silence in all Iraqi cities on Friday morning to commemorate the anniversary of the 1988 chemical weapons attack on the Kurdish town of Halabja in northern Iraq, according to state TV. Saddam had ordered the attack as part of a scorched-earth campaign to crush a Kurdish rebellion in the north, seen as aiding the Iranian enemy.

Sometimes the little snippets at the end are the most interesting part.

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