Art Student Caricature of Barack Obama is not a News Story

An art student makes a paper mache sculpture of a politician with a halo and exhibits it at an art school. Big deal, right? Everyone yawns and ignores it? Nope. These days it qualifies as national news.

Let me get this straight. This guy in an art school makes a rather unflattering lifesize paper mache caricature that looks like a cross between Howdy Doody and Alfred E. Newman and says it’s Senator Obama. Then he slaps a halo on it at an awkward angle and says he thinks people want Obama to “absolve the country of all its sins”. Absolve the country? Say, what?

So what’s this “absolve” thing that’s supposed to be so profound as to warrant the attentions of a national news service? “Absolve” means “to pronounce clear of guilt or blame or to relieve of a requirement or obligation.”

Is that what Obama is about? Is that his voting record? No. He voted against the Military Commissions Act and supports the Geneva convention. Those are the positions of someone who wants America to stand up for its obligation to freedom and justice, not someone who is looking for excuses for continued unacceptable behavior.

How is this news? The real story is why someone at a news service thinks that warrants calling (1) the office of the Catholic church’s Archdiocese of Chicago and (2) Obama’s office.

They also tried to link the story with an April Fool’s Day story about a New York art gallery cancelling an exhibition that featured an anatomically correct chocolate statue of Jesus.

This story makes about as much political sense as the stories about Obama’s middle name. Probably came from the same place too.

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