My new camel avatar

camel-avatar-72.jpgI have finally created an avatar.

Webster says an avatar is an incarnation or an embodiment of a concept or philosophy in a person. In the blogosphere, I suppose the Avatar represents your personality or the theme of your blog. So in keeping with my camel theme, and my own previous incarnation as a history major, I found a photo of a wall with camel hieroglyphics, and scanned a portion of it with a likely looking camel drawing. Now, whenever I post a comment, this camel will appear next to my words to represent me in the flesh.

I kind of like the way the two dimensional upper part of the camel flows into the stick figure legs. It’s sort of like the ancient graffiti artist was making an archaic graphic symbol.

The wall is at Wadi Rhum, where camels have been raised for generations. I don’t know what language the inscription is in or what it says. I suspect it is Greek–the Greeks had decapolis cities in Jordan.


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