The Chicago Jersey Barrier goes Lime

Lime green Jersey barriers have arrived in the Chicago Loop.

If you haven’t noticed that the new “it” color is a bright shade of lime green, you have been living under a rock for the last couple years. Last weekend I was in the Loop and had to look twice. In a construction zone was a line of Jersey barriers, but they were plastic, not concrete. And the color was a bright green. Glancing up at a crew working next to Daley Plaza I could see their neon green vests exactly matched the Jersey barriers.


The new plastic barriers are meant to be filled with water. There is a hole at the top to fill and another hole at the bottom to drain. A circle on the end of one barrier fits a hole on the end of the next so they can fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.jersey-bariers-7colors.jpg

When I returned to Chicago after 9/11 , so many little things had changed. For instance the Sears Tower had acquired Jersey barriers all around the perimeter, but they were gray concrete barriers, and seemed somehow to fit with the dignified architecture of the city. These new barriers are definitely not unobtrusive.

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