Fifteen Hundred Saudi Camels Compete for Miss Camel Title

camelbeauties2.jpgSaudi women could never be subjected to the indignity of a beauty pageant, but Saudi camels aren’t so lucky. This week, camels are competing in the Mazayen al-Ibl competition of the Qahtani tribe, according to a Reuters article.

“The camels are divided into four categories according to breed — the black majaheem, white maghateer, dark brown shi’l and the sufur, which are beige with black shoulders.”

There’s big money in it too. Sponsors have provided 10 million riyals ($2.7 million) for the contest, and the winner can receive one of 72 sports utility vehicles. Now how is a camel going to drive an SUV?


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  1. WOOF Says:

    [quote]how is a camel going to drive an SUV?[/quote]

    [b]With her head through the Sun Roof[/b]

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