Big bucks in Iraq for experienced border agents

The governors of Arizona and New Mexico are ticked off at the president.  Why?  According to a report in the Associated Press, Bush has asked international company Dyncorp to find 120 people with border enforcement experience to train Iraqi police how to secure their borders. Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (who is also running for president) wrote President Bush this week to say this would hamper security on the Mexican border.

And how does Dyncorp plan to recruit their trainers for the Iraqi border police?

DynCorp is offering recruits $134,100 for a one-year stay, plus a $25,000 signing bonus. The first $90,000 in income is tax free, and housing and food are free, company spokesman Gregory Lagana said.

Border Patrol agents with at least two years’ experience make roughly $55,000.

I wonder if Dyncorp would settle for ESL experience.

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