Palestinian Statehood: the Only Solution to the Middle East Conflict

Clicking on today’s Jordan Times, at the top of the page is a photo of the king with the following caption:


King Abdullah stressed the only solution to the Middle East conflict is the establishment of a Palestinian state (File photo by Yousef Allan)



Note: For more of the King’s thought, see the other posts with the King Abdullah II tag. Transcripts of speeches not available elsewhere are in the archives.

What do I think of Palestinian statehood?  I wrote about it here:  Obama Weasels on Palestine.


2 Responses to “Palestinian Statehood: the Only Solution to the Middle East Conflict”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    kul yamu inta bee’ khaer ya’l’malik il hiloo

  2. Rachel Tsao Ming Chu Says:

    abdullah the lawyer must be proctec in Taiwan, can’t be die, must used the international court to do it, this is the international law, from Rachel Tsao Ming Chu speak at Batam Island Indonesia, so the lawyer in taiwan, must ask the king of arabia, the important is oil, 2. if taiwan lawyer die must ask the Holland international court, 3. Used the USA international court, 4, China international court, others all can’t do it. the four 4 of king international court, this is Tsao Ming Chu Rachel Rusly Johanes 1 person said in Batam island 22 july 2010, 20:00 night. don’t used the finger task from taiwan, Tsao Ming Chu don’t go to Taiwan from 2008 until now so 3 years not go taiwan

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