Palestinian Independence: no action but lots of talk

The Jordanian Prime Minister met with aides from key U.S. congressional committees Tuesday. No surprise that the main topic under discussion was the formation of a Palestinian state.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Oh, and Zogby’s column this week was on the same topic.

From the Jordan Times 7/4/07:

Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit on Tuesday reiterated that the Palestinian question is the core regional issue, emphasising that finding a just solution for the Palestinian issue will help overcome most problems, including terrorism.

During a meeting with a delegation of US Congressional aides currently on a visit to the Kingdom, the premier said the Arab Peace Initiative represents a historic chance to achieve peace since it provides solutions that satisfy both the Arabs and the Israelis.

Bakhit voiced hope that the Israeli government would work to market the Arab peace proposal among the Israelis to provide it with better chances for success.

The Arab Peace Initiative offers Israel full peace and normal relations with Arab countries in return for the withdrawal from all Palestinian territories occupied after 1967, as well as an agreed solution to the refugee problem and the establishment of a Palestinian state.


3 Responses to “Palestinian Independence: no action but lots of talk”

  1. abu ameerah Says:

    The “formation of a Palestinian state” sounds almost offensive at this point. The fact is that state will never truly enjoy independence so long as it is surrouned by a neo-Colonial power (Israel) on the one hand and ruled internally by a band of thugs on the other hand (Abbas and his cronies)….

  2. abu ameerah Says:

    “…fact is that state….” should be…

    fact is that *THIS* state….

  3. Nijma Says:

    I don’t find the idea of a Palestinian state offensive at all. If the Palestinians don’t think enough of themselves to form a nation, why should anyone else think anything of them either?

    Right now America is ruled by Bush and his neocon cronies with more than a little help from the right-wing religious nuts who do idiotic stuff like suspending habeas corpus, passing legislation like the “Patriot” Act and the Military Commissions Act (which violates the Geneva Convention), and who still haven’t gotten around to rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In spite of the quality of our elected officials, at this moment outside my door, there are dozens of explosions every minute as my neighborhood celebrates our independence with fireworks and noise.

    If America had waited until we had permission from England and perfect leadership before declaring independence, we would still be whining.

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