Is a Palestinian State Offensive?

Abu Ameerah over at Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah comments:

The “formation of a Palestinian state” sounds almost offensive at this point. The fact is that state will never truly enjoy independence so long as it is surrouned by a neo-Colonial power (Israel) on the one hand and ruled internally by a band of thugs on the other hand (Abbas and his cronies)….

Why on earth would statehood for Palestinians be offensive, and to whom? To Palestinians? Don’t they want their own country? Do they want to be a second-rate people forever, crying about oppression and obsessing about what Israel is doing every minute? Don’t they want to be a big grown-up nation and do the stuff the big countries do, like, um, have their own passports and stuff?

Parsing the statement more carefully, it appears the writer is saying Palestine cannot declare independence until Israel is destroyed and Abbas is out of power. How does the existence of Israel prevent Palestine from declaring independence? Can’t they basically, you know, just do it? This appears to be just another version of the “drive them into the sea” kill-all-Jews mentality that the western world finds so barbarian.

I have noticed that whenever the Palestinian leadership is expected to do something, whether it’s stoplights or fire hydrants, they trot the old Israel excuse, and suddenly the leadership is off the hook. Now how exactly would the existence of Israel keep Palestine from “enjoying” being a country? And how do they know unless they try? It’s just easier to say ‘oh, it never would have worked in the first place’, and blame it on Israel, when the fact of the matter is, although Palestine has fought numerous wars and two intifadas without any clear goals, the Palestinian leadership hasn’t lifted a finger towards statehood.

And why does the writer find Abbas so offensive? Cronyism is nothing new in the Arab world. Sometimes I think the Arabs created wasta, although when I look around at America’s political systems I see a more subtle form of it. Changing one particular leader isn’t going to change the way Arabs have been running things for years. If you want to change cronyism, it is the system that needs to be changed.


3 Responses to “Is a Palestinian State Offensive?”

  1. abu ameerah Says:


    You missed the point. However, I like you almost seemingly defend “cronyism”…

    I like your spunk kid. Down with meritocracy! (lol)

    (rather than driving the jews into the sea…i would rather go to the beach myself)

  2. abu ameerah Says:

    “I like you”

    Should be: *I like HOW you”

  3. Nijma Says:

    It’s not that I’m defending cronyism, I just don’t like to see “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. Or worse than the old boss. So how do you determine “merit”?

    You never hear anything about the qualifications of Palestinian leadership. I hear in Jordan government officials in the municipalities do not have university degrees. In the U.S. you can’t get even a low level government position without at least a B.A.

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