Hamas: forget “Palestine First”

Hamas? That’s not the Palestinian flag they’re raising over Abbas’ former headquarters in Gaza, is it.

And who are they? They cover their faces.

Follow the money–another proxy war between Iran and the U.S.



2 Responses to “Hamas: forget “Palestine First””

  1. Arlington dojo Says:

    the picture on the right is an orginization that is not realy part of hamas. This orginization is a group called the tanzin. As for the picture on the left i am not shure what flag that is, but it might be the flag of hamas. And because 50% of palestinians have accepted hamas as their leading party, the flag probably symbolizes liberation and freedom to some. And so no Hamas did not forget palestine…
    P.S. just out of curriosoty what are your qalifications on the matter and what are your sources.

  2. Nijma Says:

    The photos are of the military takeover of Gaza by Hamas. Doesn’t exactly look like an “orderly transfer of power”.

    Tanzim is related to Palestinian Authority and Arafat’s Fatah, the faction that was forced out of Gaza.

    Green flags with white letters often have sayings or symbolism from the Koran, for example the Saudi flag with the shahada (declaration of faith) and sword.

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