Impeach Bush sign taken down? Try a t-shirt instead.

Is it illegal to post an “Impeach Bush” sign on public property? We’re about to find out.

Ohio teacher Kevin Egler and his friends have been posting anti-war signs all over Ohio and surrounding states. They say the war in Iraq is illegal and immoral. Now Egler has been issued a ticket for posting an Impeach Bush sign in Kent in Portage County. The Kent police said he was “unlawfully advertising in a public place”.

Egler said that when he was stopped in Kent, he asked the police officer how his sign differed from Realtors posting signs on public property saying “This way to the house for sale.” He said the officer asked, “You don’t know the difference?” but never explained what it might be.

Egler’s lawyer says he knows the difference. A real estate sign is a commercial message. Egler’s sign is a political message. Political messages have more legal protections, says the attorney, Bob Fitrakis, who specializes in first amendment law. Fitakis is also editor and publisher of The Free Press website, which so far has not commented on the arrest.

For some time I have been quietly offering a few sweatshop-free “impeach” t-shirts through the Columbus, Ohio-based company Skreened. I haven’t written about them though, because I’m not at all sure impeachment is the best approach. But if someone does believe impeachment is the right approach, they should be able to say so. That part is a no-brainer. So for anyone who wants to exercise their freedom to say Impeach!, here is your shirt.

Shirts are available in a several styles and colors. The slogans are shown on a variety of different tees so you can get an idea of what’s available. Sizes run small–they are “fashionably snug”–so for a looser fit, order up a size. Oh, yes, there is one slightly naughty slogan. If you were offended by the detail of the Monika Lewinsky discussion, you will be offended by this–it’s definately NSFW and not child-friendly. It’s the light green one in the upper right with the navy blue slogan, but too hard to read in thumbnail size. So if you’re offended by that sort of thing, don’t click on it.

To order a shirt, click on the picture.



6 Responses to “Impeach Bush sign taken down? Try a t-shirt instead.”

  1. skreened Says:

    kevin actually came into the shop this week. He googled himself and found skreened, and got a free impeach bush shirt out of it.

    it may have been the best thing to happen to someone from googling themselves.

  2. Nijma Says:

    Glad I could help spread the word about what great ethical things Skreened is doing.

    Of course the commissions are nice too. Looks like I did find a way to reach the folks who are most interested in what I offer.

    When are you going to add black tees and large sizes so I can put some of my popular Arabic designs on your pages?

  3. Pit Boss Says:

    I like what you are doing.

    I would guess only 10% of supporters would actually march. We need the energy to go into pins, bumper stickers, t-shirts, wristbands and the like.

    We follow trends. If we see more people, especially friends and colleagues showing their support, we are likely to ask more. Marchers and protesters are preaching to the choir and cause us to appear as a fringe movement. That is why i started A different subtle way to get friends and colleagues to ask questions. Strangers won’t.

    Bush is on the verge of walking away unscathed. Don’t let him.

    Let me know if you want me to link back to you from my site and/or blog.

    Pit Boss

  4. Nijma Says:

    Link to anything you like. I’m always flattered when someone thinks I’m saying something interesting enough for a link–or for that matter, a comment.

  5. naisioxerloro Says:

    Good design, who make it?

  6. Nijma Says:

    I do all the designs, including Arabic language. If you’re looking for something particular, post a message.

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