The Bible in Arabic: two websites with text and audio

A Christian website,, apparently out of Beruit, Lebanon, offers the Bible (new Testament and Psalms) read out loud in Arabic.

Or, click “Listen” above the chapter listings, and read the text. Yeah, that’s right, it says “ikra” for listen and “isma” for read. But it’s there.

If you have ever heard Moslems say the Bible has been changed, but when asked about it cannot tell you what they mean, there is also a very interesting discussion of that idea here. As you might expect, this website says the Bible has not been changed, and they use the Koran and the Bible to show why not.

A mechanical translation button at the bottom of the page lets you translate to English, but here’s what you get for the 23rd Psalm:

Long 23

1 مزمور لداود.الرب راعيّ فلا يعوزني شيء. 1 long for Dawood. God is the patron Yaouzni anything.

2 في مراع خضر يربضني.الى مياه الراحة يوردني. 2 pastures Erbini Khader. Water Yordene rest.

3 يرد نفسي.يهديني الى سبل البر من اجل اسمه. 3 is myself. Guide to the mainland for ways to identify him.

4 ايضا اذا سرت في وادي ظل الموت لا اخاف شرا لانك انت معي. If Sirte 4 also resulted in the death not be afraid of evil for Thou art with me. عصاك وعكازك هما يعزيانني. Akazk your stick and are Yazianni.

5 ترتب قدامي مائدة تجاه مضايقيّ.مسحت بالدهن راسي.كاسي ريا. 5 arrange alumni table towards Mbaiqi. With oil Rasi. Casey Rea.

6 انما خير ورحمة يتبعانني كل ايام حياتي واسكن في بيت الرب الى مدى الايام 6, but the best mercy Etbaanni every day of my life and I live in the house of God to the extent days

You can only read the English when you look at the site, but when you do a copy/paste, the Arabic somehow appears!

For comparison, here is the English version of the Twenty-Third Psalm in the gender-accurate TNIV from the Bible Gateway (used by Baptists). For sheer poetry, my favorite is the Revised Standard Version, now replaced by the more accurate New Revised Standard Version (used by mainstream denominations).

Bible Gateway also has an Arabic translation of the Bible. From the same people at the International Bible Society you can get the audio Bible in MP3 as well as some biblical stories in Egyptian and Sudanese dialects.

I can’t tell what what denomination is. Perhaps it’s Marionite, which is similar to Catholic and active in Lebanon. I do know there are different translations of the Bible in Arabic, the Catholic (“Lateen”) version being different from the Protestant version.


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