Ramadan Kareem: a Ramadan Dua

I’ve been looking for a little Ramadan Kareem symbol to put in my widgets for the month of Ramadan, but I’m having some sort of problem opening my widgets. The best I can gather from the blogosphere is that that latest version of Firefox is doing something to Javascript, whatever that is.

So until I can figure out what that is, or more likely until they can figure it out, here is something called a Ramadan Dua. [UPDATE: Link no longer active.] I’m not quite sure what a dua is, but this one seems to be a sort of prayer. I kind of like it, both for the Arabic and for the sentiments expressed.


Dua is the following (Arabic):

Allah hooma inee auldubika

il hami, wa il hahden

wal agitee, wa kasal

wal toopamee, wa joobnahl

wal broohal, ghalabit il daimee al rijel

(repeat it)

English translation:

Allah, by you from all the ways

from all sadness, from laziness

from being helpless, from being coward

from fear, from being stingy,

from the overwhelming of the national debt, and from the oppression of men

I know I don’t have the Arabic exactly right, but if your Arabic is good enough to tell that, you probably know what it says already.

Ramadan Kareem.
2009 UPDATE: Audio for new dua and prayers |here|.This was for Ramadan 2008 but I have checked the links for 2009 to make sure they’re still active.


2 Responses to “Ramadan Kareem: a Ramadan Dua”

  1. ummadam Says:

    a dua is a supplication. similar to a prayer but as Muslims when we say prayer we are usually refering to the five daily prayers that are performed in a specific way and at appointed times. The dua is an invocation that is made at no specific time or place (although there are some duas for specific instances and times).

  2. Nijma Says:

    Ah, thank you. I have seen the five daily prayers of course, but never any other kind of prayer, although I was told by an American with a lot of Shiite friends that there was a type of Moslem prayer that could be said on the spot or at times of need.

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