Obama campaign tramples Constitution

The Obama campaign has been telling people judgment is more important than experience. They point to Obama’s role as a professor of constitutional law. What could be better preparation for the presidency, they ask, than that. With Obama at the top of the pyramid, all that peachy judgment stuff will just filter all the way through the government organization.

Except for one little thing. The Obama campaign is using churches for political rallies. Like this one:


This is an official campaign event from the official Obama campaign website. It’s a march from the Shiloh Baptist Church at 720 Mt. Vernon Ave. in Columbus, Ohio to the board of elections to vote early for Barack Obama. Breakfast at 8, march at 9. Free food.

Vote for Obama.

In Jesus name.


Does Shiloh Baptist church have tax-exempt status? If they do, and if they are saying to the government that they are not using their special tax-exempt status to get the taxpayers of America to subsidize their partisan support for a political candidate, they are lying.

But so what if a little church in Ohio cheats on its taxes, or lies, or claims to know who God wants to be president. What about the Obama campaign? What do they understand about separation of church and state? What do they understand about the establishment of religion clause? Where can they find a constitutional law professor to explain it to them? When is that Obama Judgment we keep hearing about going to trickle down into the Obama campaign organization, which if you stop to think about it, it a whole lot smaller than the executive branch of the federal government.

If the Obama campaign can’t get this right, what can we expect from an Obama administration?

Senator Obama has voted consistently against retroactive immunity for the telecoms, against warrantless wiretapping, and against unreasonable search and seizure. He has supported Senator Dodd ‘s courageous opposition to the FISA amendment. He opposes torture. He supports the Geneva Convention. That’s part of the reason Illinois keeps voting for him.

But what about separation of church and state?

Chicago has a north side baseball team: the Cubs. The Cubs are known as gentlemen, but they lose.

Chicago also has a south side team: the White Sox. The White Sox motto is “Winning Ugly”. The meaning of the motto is “We are not gentlemen, we do not play by the rules. When the ref is looking the other way, we get away with whatever we can. But we win.” With all those eloquent, Harvard-law-schoolish inspirational speeches, Obama must be from the north side, right?

I don’t think so.


14 Responses to “Obama campaign tramples Constitution”

  1. religiouskeptic Says:

    Obama is not interested in the constitution. Hillary and McCain aren’t interested in the constitution for that matter. You will see them pay the occasional lip service to it if it furthers their ends, but I seriously doubt they would ever trade a few votes to preserve that particular document.

  2. Tim Kurek Says:

    That’s not true skeptic, Obama does care, just like Hillary does and the old white dude… BUT they are all crooked as politicians and have all blatently lied to the american people. I will be voting for Me I think… lol and I hope God will bless our country regardless of which politician leads us.

    tim kurek

  3. religiouskeptic Says:

    I’m writing in Voltron.



  5. john from sc Says:

    90 per cent of blacks are voting for obama why cause he and the 90 per cent are black…that is some major racist issues…and the gov of new york had to step down being white but the new gov black didnt …why racism…ohh black caucas al sharpton jes jackson the black phone book acclu black colluage fund etc . all racist issues like them and more needs to be done away with to even start to stop racism in america…..obama and all the blacks ohh 90 per cent are the real racist…the unspoken war is now in the media and is and will be spoken……

  6. Henry Says:

    Obama is the devil incarnate. Anybody who buys into his eloquent speech is a truly pitiful, simple minded idiot. He is great if you are involved with the black pity movement or if you enjoy having leaders that are all talk and no experience, who blatanty lie about their own racism. This is America, not Africa, regardless of what Obama and his “church” would like it to. It’s time we stand up and show the world that no, it is NOT possible for a-holes like this to get elected just because he is black and speaks well. The people that vote for Obama are young, ignorant, or black; and they are doing it because he is “young and cool” not because he has any idea what it takes to be the leader of the free world.

  7. meg Says:

    Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton have been getting an incredible amount of free air time, hours of it, on the major news outlets, even on FOX. Is the media going to choose this president also?
    Yes, I realize they are making history, based on race and gender, but we are voting for the most important leader of the world !! We aren’t voting a popularity contest and the winner goes home with a trophy and a million bucks, this is voting for someone who is going to impact our everyday lives, and our place in the world. I have heard Sen. Obama say things that sound as if he thinks he would be above the Constitution. This DOES matter, that document was written by men whose recent ancestors escaped an extremely violent society led, at times, by those who refused to follow any laws of decency. Our Constitution was designed to prevent that abuse, and the checks and balances are there to protect us from another tyrant; however, we are in danger of throwing it all away if we neglect our responsibility and vote for a president who does as he pleases, and appoints a cabinet with his values. Be careful how you use the freedom our ancestors bought with their blood and sweat and tears, and then laid it at our feet, trusting us to treasure it as they did. 7-6-08

  8. deicer Says:

    You are all wrong … Its all a smoke screen… yes, Obama secretly wants to get rid of the American Constitution, and do it very quietly. Let me say first I love all Americans I love everyone, but the American people must see it’s not that you are the leader of the free world, you are the leader of the New World Order. The North American Union, CFR, UN, EU, wake up call people, they want you all chipped and cashless as quick as possible. CFR memebers include BOTH sides, Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, G.W Bush, Condaf***ed up Rice, Bush SR, Tony Blair, etc.etc.etc. You really think they are discussing foreign poilicy. HA!

    ***edited ~Nijma

  9. deicer Says:

    sorry bout the spelling mistakes my spell check got infected with a virus :)

  10. Nijma Says:

    The Council on Foreign Relations, too? And don’t forget the Bilderberg group.

    Don’t miss my post on the “Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB)” and the accompanying special smiley.

    And now that I think of it, Obama reversed himself and voted against FISA, did not support the Dodd filibuster, and voted FOR retroactive immunity for the telcoms–in spite of his earlier promises. I think I’ll be needing that tin foil hat now.

  11. Tim Kurek Says:

    Henry and Deicer make ignorant fools even look good…

    You guys are the most uninformed, ridiculous lot I have ever seen. Deicer, you sure do love everyone… thats why you used a vile word to describe a fellow human being! What a hypocrite…

    I encourage all of you to realize how jacked up your comments are and to repent of the ignorance in them.

  12. Nijma Says:

    you used a vile word to describe a fellow human being! What a hypocrite…

    That’s why Mr. Kurek uses words like” ignorant”, “uninformed”, “ridiculous”, and “jacked up” to describe my other guests here without ever reflecting on the actual content of their messages. Oh, and Senator McCain is “the old white dude”.

    Wouldn’t want to use a vile word to describe a human being, now, would we.

  13. Tim Kurek Says:

    If my words didn’t accurately represent those I was referring to, then they could be considered attacks. But, all I’ve seen is ignorance and stupidity here…


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