Do you have an astrologer?

Yes, I do have an astrologer.

The Jordan Times used to have a really great horoscope for people learning English. I wish they still had in in their online paper. It was great because of the understandable English. Every day we started class by reading our horoscopes out loud. The Moslem students–and some of them were pretty devout–assured me it was okay to read horoscopes as long as it was for entertainment and not a substitute for Allah.

navhoroscopered.gifSome time ago I put a horoscope widget in the lower right column and linked it to Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology. Every once in a while, when politics gets me feeling a bit jaded, I go over there and read my horoscope just to smell the fresh air. For entertainment only, of course.

For some reason, today’s message was just what I needed to erase today’s static and be ready to get back on the hamster wheel tomorrow:

You are potentially a genius. Maybe not in the same way that Einstein and Beethoven were, but still: You possess some exceptional capacity that is absolutely unique. You’re a masterpiece unlike any other that has ever lived in the history of the world.

Furthermore, the precise instructions you need to ripen into your genius have always been with you, even from the time before you were born. In the words of psychologist James Hillman, you have a soul’s code.

You might also call it the special mission you came to Earth to carry out; the divine blueprint that contains the open secret of how to be perfectly, unpredictably yourself; the master plan that is your heart’s deepest desire.

Would you like help in deciphering it? The Divine Intelligence Formerly Known as God is always on call, ready to help. It’s your birthright to ask Her a specific question every day about what you need to do next to express your soul’s code; it’s also your birthright to receive a response.

The divine revelation may not be as unambiguous as a little voice in your head. It might appear in the form of a TV commercial, an odd dream, or an encounter with a stranger. It could be demanding and difficult, delivering information you’d rather not have to deal with. Or it might show up as a clear and simple feeling of knowing exactly what to do, and it could be easy and fun.

What question will you ask the Divine Wow today?

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