New videos for Barack and Hillary, and some advice for making a video at a political rally

I have finally gotten around to posting videos of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton when they spoke in the area recently.

The video of Barack Obama is from his speech at the Hyatt in downtown Chicago the night of the the Illinois primary. It was my first video recorded on a new camera and I stopped before the end of the speech, not sure how much the camera would record and wanting to save some memory space for photos at the end of the event.

The video of Hillary Clinton is from her speech at Hammond, Indiana last week. Clearly I have a ways to go with learning to use the video part of the camera, as I ran out of memory a few minutes into the speech. I had to delete some photos in order to make room for more after the event, and sat there at the event with the instructions book lock-protecting photos I didn’t want deleted then deleting all (with fingers crossed).

Both videos are a little over four minutes. In addition, I caught Hillary coming out from behind the curtain–ooops that one isn’t online yet, I’ll see if I can fix it or something. And there is this 41-second video of Hillary taking the stage.

As you can see, Hillary spoke standing on a platform (like Suze Orman) but Obama was behind a podium.

If you are planning to take a video of an event, here is my advice.

  • Trust your machine. Don’t worry about if it’s too dark or if it is going to record in the right light, it will. It might look shaky if you zoom too close, but you will be able to see that in the viewfinder.
  • Make sure the thing is really recording. Is there something that says recording? Did you push the button hard enough in the excitement of the moment?
  • Pay attention to direction of the camera. It’s easy to change the direction of a photo with IrfanView if you shoot with the camera on its side or even upside down, but how do you change a video?
  • Don’t watch the whole event through the viewfinder. You are there to experience something. As soon as you get the video going, hold the camera in a position and take time to look at what you came to see. If the video isn’t perfect, so what.
  • Bring an extra memory card.
  • Make sure your batteries are fully charged.
  • Enjoy

If you want to get close to the candidate, you will have to be at the rope at the front of the podium at the end of the speech. As soon as the speech ends there is a rush and if you are not there already you will not get there. Both candidates started at one end of the rope and went to the other end, Obama shaking hands and Hillary signing campaign signs. One person in the back wanted an autograph and everyone passed it up over the crowd for Hillary to sign, so if you really want that autograph, don’t give up.

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