What is going on with WordPress?

On Friday this blog was working fine. Then late Friday afternoon, everything stopped working.

I had already uploaded all the images to my classroom blog for my Friday computer class and was trying to upload the Saturday assignments for my students. Nothing would upload.

A quick perusal of the WordPress.com site showed no information at all. No announcement of software upgrades, no tutorials for the new dashboard that wasn’t working. Nothing.

Just a lot of frustrated bloggers who couldn’t use their blogs anymore.

Perhaps the much-dreaded Version 2.5 had been installed? In looking over some of the comments in the forums, it looks like that was already installed on March 31. Friday was the April 4th. Did they put up a Beta version of something?

The WordPress people don’t work on weekends. Over on their forums, a few volunteers are offering advice that doesn’t work: did you clear your cache, did you clear your cookies. I did try all of that. I still can’t upload images and I still don’t have a link function. Spell check has been removed from the new dashboard as it wasn’t working, but I use Firefox with their built in spellcheck, so I don’t miss it.

No image uploads. No linking. And users who have upgraded to Version 2.5 have quickly downgraded. Clearly something major is wrong over there.

Until they get it straightened out, stay away from WordPress.

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One Response to “What is going on with WordPress?”

  1. jenfel Says:

    Hi, I have the same problem: “When I added a new text widget, it erased the text in the widget below”.
    (I use the same theme as you). I hope they’ll fix it.
    Till then “Stay away from WordPress” is a good advise :)

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