WordPress image upload problem test in Firefox

I just loaded an image into a post for the first time in four days using Internet Explorer/Vista. Now the same thing in Firefox:

  • First click “add media” icon in post editor
  • Then from computer “choose files to upload”
  • It says “crunching” then shows a new screen
  • Then click “insert into post”
  • The screen goes white and is lost in space.
  • …or alternately from gallery–insert gallery into post or insert an individual image into the post–the white screen of death!

and nothing.


4 Responses to “WordPress image upload problem test in Firefox”

  1. Smicky Says:

    I have the same problem!!

  2. anon Says:

    Same thing. Upload works fine in IE but not in FF3.

  3. p_warawit Says:

    I also have the same problem. I used FileZilla to check the directory in the server, and found that the file that has been uploaded, are owned by Apache, instead of my own ftp account.

    I guess this is the reason why it does not work.

    Any idea how to solve it?

  4. vidichannel Says:

    I finally got the answer from another forum. This is crazy how long it took. Everything led me to believe it was a problem with Flash 10, but it was not.

    Here is the fix everyone:
    No caps in the name of the domain URL


    I finally got it!

    Under Settings -> WordPress Address (URL), my domain name had mixed capitalization. Once I changed it to all lower-case, it started working.

    I found this solution in another thread, reposting in case it helps anyone:

    I found that my problem came with my WordPress address (URL) having uppercase letters, and apparently PHP does not like that. I suggest making sure that the URL is all lowercase. It fixed my site, who knows, it could fix yours.

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