Sioux Falls Argus Leader endorses Hillary Clinton

The Argus Leader –whose interview with her yielded the controversial RFK assassination soundbite– today endorsed Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama for the Democratic race. And surprise, surprise, they endorsed McCain for the Republicans.

They had some nice things to say about her command of the issues:

Her mastery of complex policy detail is broad and deep, and her experience as a senator and former first lady matches that.

as well as her character:

Her resilience and determination never should be questioned. She has met or overcome every challenge or roadblock in her way, and there have been many. Her determination to carry the nomination process through to its real conclusion has perhaps earned her a grudging respect from those who would never support her.

Clinton might not win this race. In fact, it’s a long shot. But whatever some might say, the race is not over, and her name is on the ballot. Win or lose, she’s also the best Democratic candidate for South Dakota.

The big South Dakota issue seems to be ethanol. Hillary’s interview with the Argus Leader was pretty impressive–I admit to playing it over and over–and not just to get the transcript right, but because the policy questions were interesting. A lot of those policy questions turned up in the paper’s endorsement. They weren’t thrilled with Hillary’s assessment of corn–a major South Dakota cash crop–as a minor player in the ethanol game, but agreed that she was probably right. Her stances on Native American issues and partnering university research with industry also drew comment. South Dakota has always placed a high priority on education. It’s universities are top notch and brains are one of it’s biggest and least recognized exports. The high school students back then, instead of saying “outa sight”, used to say “outa state”–recognizing the probable location of their potential opportunities.

The Argus Leader is a major paper in the state, not to mention that they have always had the best Sunday funnies, in color….Blondie, Dick Tracy, Lil Abner, Orphan Annie, Peanuts… It will be read by many in the region, not just in Sioux Falls.

I was browsing some Clintonista websites yesterday: hillaryis44, hillaryclintonforum, hillaryresponders, and one of them, I forget which one, had Hillary’s Sioux Falls interview playing as the soundtrack. If you haven’t heard it yet, give it a listen.

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“Expose White Entitlement”–New sermon at Barack Obama’s still racist Trinity Church

Transcript: excerpt of Rev. Michael Pfleger’s remarks at Barack Obama’s Trinity church in Chicago. Date of speech unknown. Video link |here|

…We must be honest about it to address the one who says, don’t hold me responsible for what my ancestors did, but you have enjoyed (applause) the benefits of what your ancestors did, and unless you are willing to give up the benefits, throw away your 401 fund, throw away your trust fund, throw away all the money they put away and the company you walked into because your daddy and your grandaddy and your great daddy…unless you’re willing to give up the benefits, then you must be responsible for what was done in your generation cuz you are the beneficiary of this (inaudible–injurious policy?) (prolonged applause)

It must be honest enough to expose white entitlement (male voice-‘okay right on’) and supremacy where ever it raises its head. I said before and I really don’t want to make this political because you know I’m very unpolitical (laughter and applause) but, Reverend Moss, when, when Hillary was crying (cheers) and people said that was put on, I really don’t believe that was put on. I really believe that she just always thought this is mine. (applause) I’m Bill’s wife, I’m white, and this is mine, I just gotta get up and step in to the plate, and then outta nowhere came hey I’m Barack Obama, and she said oh damn, where did you come from, (shouting) I’m white, I’m entitled, the black man stealing my show (cheers and applause) Yeeeeehhhhh…(cries and wipes face with white handkerchief) (standing ovation) She wasn’t the only one crying, there was a whole lot of white people crying. (cheers and applause) I’m sorry, I don’t want to get you in any more trouble, the live streaming just went out again.”

Oh great. Now I’m supposed to have both a 401 fund, whatever that is, and a trust fund–I don’t know what that is either–and money put away for me and a corporate job, just for being white.

Hey! I’m white!!!! Where’s my trust fund already????!!!!!????

Maybe the memo didn’t go out.


Okay, for those who are sensitivity-impaired, I’ll spell out exactly what is wrong with Pfleger’s statements:

Racism is wrong, because it denies someone equal opportunity because of what they look like.

Sexism is wrong, because it denies someone equal opportunity because of what they look like.

Stereotyping is wrong. It means you demonize someone according to what they look like and then react to the label you put on them instead of seeing the real person.

Prejudice is wrong. It means you “pre judge” someone. It means you judge them by what they look like and not according to how they themselves act. A typical way to act prejudiced is to make up something about what the person is thinking, usually uncomplimentary–and then react to the person on the basis of their imagined thought process.

Oh, and this church is still tax exempt for some reason, and not registered as a PAC–that means the rest of us pay more taxes to support their political speech.

Here’s where Pfeger’s remarks are both racist and sexist:

  • All white people did not have ancestors who owned slaves. Somebody wasn’t paying attention in school during the lesson on the great immigration waves.
  • All white people are not rich. Do I really have to explain this one? A lot of the antagonism in Chicago between racial groups is not between the rich whites and the poor blacks, or between the rich blacks and the poor whites–after all, the wealthy already have what they need–but between poor whites and poor blacks who compete for limited resources.
  • It’s not quite clear here, but it sounds like this says inheriting ANY money is wrong, or having a trust fund is wrong, but only for whites. Are Michelle and Oprah and Jesse Jackson allowed to have trust funds? Can their children inherit their money or benefit from their positions without incurring “entitledness”? What about the Kennedy family money made by bootlegging during prohibition?
  • Ridiculing Hillary crying as she is asked “how do you do it? For this one, refer to the portion of the Bible where the Roman soldiers mock Jesus and strike him as he is beaten and crucified. How is it Christian to mock someone’s pain?
  • Claiming Hillary’s status comes from her husband. Hillary is a lawyer and a senator in her own right. In spite of having put aside her own personal goals many times to support her husband’s career and raise her child, as many women do, she does have her own resume and her own achievements.
  • Imagining that Hillary was having racist thoughts. How do you know what someone is thinking? By what they do and what they say. I don’t agree with painting people as racist who are not racist.

The crowd at Trinity was jumping up and down and cheering–and probably filling the collection plate very nicely too. Maybe it’s hard to step back from pandering to a crowd that is ready to cry “crucify”. Maybe the teachings of Jesus just don’t “sell”.

Now what was that 9th commandment again? Thou shalt not dare mall fitness… prayer fall smitness…snare thrall litmus…oh, I’ll think of it.

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Hillary supporters at the Park Ridge Memorial Day Parade Take it to the Street

“That is the parade I marched in every year as a Brownie/Girl Scout or just as a kid who decorated her bike!”, says Hillary Clinton of the Memorial Day parade in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Some Hillary supporters met at Park Ridge on Monday to cheer the Memorial Day parade and wave their Hillary signs. During the parade they looked in vain for superdelegate Jan Schakowsky who had brazenly and flagrantly endorsed Hillary’s opponent, then turned up in Hillary’s own home town for the parade.

At the end of the parade, the Hillary supporters were so overcome with the spirit of the event,–and with not having seen Representative Schakowsky during the parade–that they took to the streets, intending to march past the reviewing stand.

As a police squad car moved up behind them, they moved to the side of the street to let it pass. But after some initial confusion it was clear the squad car intended to bring up the end of the parade. “Take the street,” he urged. “Take the street. We’ll worry about a parade permit later….. I’ve got your rear.”

Take the street they did, to much cheering by the locals–except for one curmudgeon who insisted Hillary had already had eight years as president.

The complete set of unedited photos is uploaded |here|.

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Phantom Jan Schakowsky evaporates from Hillary’s home town Park Ridge Memorial Day parade

Hillary Clinton’s supporters were in good spirits for the Memorial day parade in Hillary’s home town of Park Ridge in Illinois last weekend–except for one thing. Jan Schakowsky.

That would be superdelegate Jan Schakowsky, jan schakowsky with hornsas in U.S. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky who represents the Illinois 9th district. Every time the nice weather and friendly smalltown parade threatened to put them in a good mood, they remembered Jan Schakowsky. Oh, yes, they were on the lookout for her.

Jan Schakowsky was going to be in the parade, it was rumored. How dare superdelegate Jan Schakowky come here, right to Hillary’s very home town, after endorsing Hillary’s opponent in the presidential race. The same Jan Schakowsky who has spoken out so strongly for having more women in public office.

But the elusive Jan Shakowsky was one step ahead of the rumors all day. It was rumored she was going to be on the reviewing stand. Hillary’s supporters took to the streets at the end of the parade, hoping to see her at the reviewing stand. But the peripatetic Jan Shakowsky was not there. Yes, she had been marching in the parade behind a certain vehicle for most of the route. Yes, someone confirmed she had been standing right there at the bottom of the steps. She must have gone thataway. Where?–fumed Hillary’s supporters. But Jan Shakowsky had another engagement and was already out of Dodge. Almost as if she knew.

The Black and White Hillary Icon Poster

You’ve seen all the street poster art for Obama. Interesting stuff visually, even if you aren’t into Soviet-era and totalitarian propaganda art and the “Obey” posse trademark.

Well, I’ve decided it’s time for Hillary to get some of her own street cred.

So here’s the iconic Hillary. To see everything that’s available with this design, check out the Hillary Icon shop.

You can get t-shirts, buttons, magnets, dog shirts, and yes, a 16 X 20 poster, in case you want to go for a little stroll some night and decorate your home town. Google a good wheat paste recipe, and oh, yes, do be sure to check your local ordinances before putting up anything.

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Jordan celebrates independence–and the King reminds us it’s time for Palestinian independence

May 25 is Jordan’s independence day.

Happy Birthday Jordan!!!!

In a televised statement celebrating Jordan’s independence, King Abdullah II talked about supporting Palestinian independence:

We will not hesitate in performing any role or effort and exploiting our ties with influential powers and international forums to enable our Palestinian brethren to regain their right and set up their independent state….

We will continue to commit ourselves to the choice of just peace based on international legitimacy resolutions and within the Arab consensus.

Good idea.

But how does a nation become independent these days? I really have no clue.

American wrote a Declaration of Independence, then fought a war against England. Would anyone fight a war against Palestine if they just went ahead and declared independence?

So how exactly did Jordan get to be independent?

  • From 16th century: Jordan was part of the Ottoman empire, ruled from Damascus.
  • After WWII, the League of Nations created the French Mandate of Syria and the British Mandate Palestine.
  • 1921-Britain gave Transjordan semi-autonomous control
  • On March 22, 1946 Britain signed a treaty granting independence to Jordan
  • 1946-British requested United Nations approval to ending the British Mandate in Transjordan
  • The Jordanian Parliament proclaimed King Abdullah the first king of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • The king proclaimed the state to be officially inaugurated and a series of ceremonies was done in the morning of May 25 in the capital of Amman.

So those were the steps back in the last century. Either a war or an agreement with whatever country it’s already a part of, then approval by an international body, then recognition by its own internal government. It looks like it helps if a major world power sponsors the UN resolution.

So I say the Palestinians themselves have to take the next step. They need to plan their party.

First they will have to declare independence. They already have a legislature and an elected leader, although he’s probably still getting his strength back from the surgery, but they can still pass some resolutions. Then they will have to get either George Bush or the Queen of England to sponsor a UN resolutiuon. Then they pass some resolutions and have a ceremony. Then they get official recognition by Jordan, the U.S. and England, in which order, I don’t know. Then I guess they play the birthday song and dance the dubka for about the next week. After that they can get around to manufacturing passports and figuring out who to bribe to get them.

Or something like that.

Someone tell me why this can’t work.

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Barack Obama sends me a feedback form

A while back I signed up to receive emails from most of the candidates. Most have stopped sending me emails by now, as their campaigns closed down. This week however, I got an email from Barack Obama. So what did he say? The nomination is in his pocket? He has done the math and it all adds up?

No. He says, “This is a pivotal moment in the election..” And he says “We have three more contests to go, and we’re going to fight for every delegate….” And he sends me a donate button with a link to his donation machine–but all the candidates do that. Then he sent me a feedback form and and asked me to take a survey.

A while back the Clinton campaign sent me a survey. Very simple it was. Name, zip code, write what you want. And a link to their privacy policy so you know what they do with the information.

The Obama survey is three pages. First page: name, address, email, date of birth, occupation, gender, …if you don’t think that’s nosy, looks what else they want to know…

Are you registered to vote?

Politically, what do you consider yourself to be?

In the past, how have you voted?

How often do you attend religious services?

Those aren’t required fields, and they certainly aren’t questions I would answer without knowing who is going to have access to the information and what they are going to do with it–and why on earth they are asking for the information in the first place.

But what about it? Should I complete the form? And if I do, what should I tell them?