Who Would Jesus Vote For?–thirty black preachers say Obama

Undaunted by the experience of the church in Pasadena a few years ago that spent $200,000 to defend its tax-exempt status after an anti-war sermon preached by a guest preacher, a dozen or so black preachers gathered in a Chicago church this week to announce their endorsement of Senator Obama for President.

One preacher told the group that “Sen. Barack Obama best represents our hopes and aspirations” while another said the “black church supports Obama” and another called him “the man of the hour”. The “black church”? Whatever happened to God’s church? And all the “render unto Caesar” stuff in Luke 20:25?

We’ve got boots and shoes on the ground and we’re knocking on doors,” Finney said. (Rev. Leon D. Finney Jr. of the Metropolitan Apostolic Community Church). “We’ve got busloads of people leaving from Chicago over the weekend and they will be in Indiana.”

Maybe if Obama wins, the IRS won’t pay too much attention to these churchs’ tax exemptions or to issues of separation of church and state.

On the other hand, John McCain has been endorsed by evangelical preachers Rod Parsley and John Hagee. So how do we know which bunch of pastors really has the hotline to what God is thinking?

My own pastors? None of them–former or current–appeared in the picture.


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  1. Chris Says:

    I took a second look at the pastors gathered above. It appears they are all men. No surprise there. Go to every Catholic church in the world and you’ll see the same. Go to 99.9% of all other parishes and chapels and more men lead, of all races, and most worshippers listening are women, unless, or course, they are in places which ban women from being with men as some conservative religions still do. And they are chastised for the sins of the men, called “whores” for appearances, while men get away with sin and women are blamed for not managing them. There is little that is pro-women in religion, because men have all the power there as well. (Where are your female counterparts, Wright? Where are the black women standing next to you at the pulpit, leading in the community?)

    Look at Barack’s own mother, abandoned by her partner to raise her child alone. No surprise there either since most of the world’s–and our nation’s–poor are women and children. Men get the better eduation, and the best paying jobs, and bail on their families taking their superior earning privileges with them. Welfare is a mother’s income, but at least she stays close to her children.

    Barack’s mother was named “Stanley” by her parents when they wanted a boy. Why wouldn’t they, when boys get so much more from society than girls? She had to wear that shame her whole childhood before she could call herself by her middle name “Ann,” but only after years of being told she was wrong at birth by her own family. Are black boys taught that they are “lesser people” even in their own homes? Or there can they at least dominate the women?

    Barack Obama should worship at his mother’s feet for all her sacrifices for him, far more than what his Kenyan father gave him, and yet the Obama name–his father’s–is the one that will be famous. His European-American mother isn’t even good enough for her son to call himself biracial to acknowledge the half of himself that is white, raised by his white relatives and mother.

    The racism in Wright’s speeches is obvious, but that fact that he is blind to sexism in this nation, and Hillary Clinton’s ongoing struggle against it as the first viable candidate for President who is female, shows that he is not nearly as intelligent as his critics generously say he is.

  2. alea Says:

    jesus would not vote for obama. obama stands for abortion, same sex marriage.

  3. Nijma Says:

    I don’t recall Jesus ever talking about either abortion or homosexuality. Maybe alea has a different kind of Bible.

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