WordPress.com endorses Obama, adds campaign vitriol to toolbar

The Democratic primary campaign has become increasingly vitriolic on both sides. This week the Obama surrogates managed to inject their venom into no less than the icon tables on WordPress.com’s “Write Post” toolbar.

If you have a WordPress blog, go to the “Write Post” function, then mouse over the extended functions icon that looks like a small keyboard. A small popup window displays the message:

Show/Hide Kitchen Sink (Alt+ Shift + Z)

In case anyone has NOT been following American politics, this “kitchen sink” meme is being used all over the internet by obamabots–individuals claiming to support Obama who write the same few slogans over and over again into comment sections of online political news stories.

The phrase did not appear at all on the Clinton campaign site–which should give you a clue.

Is this a reminder from WordPress.com for women to stay in the kitchen instead of running for public office?

The official Obama campaign website itself, which back in March had 593 references to “kitchen sink”–not to mention the “b-word”–on its pages, has been cleaned up. Now an advanced google search turns up no instances of that negative rhetoric on the official website.

But Obama’s surrogates have no such scruples about civility. They’re still using the same old poisonous, divisive campaign tactics-with a little help from WordPress.

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