Hate: the change you have been waiting for

I don’t usually write about politics, except as it touches matters of culture. Who said what in the daily back and forth is not usually all that interesting except to those whose careers rise and fall by it.

But the Democratic primary race has been getting a bit freaky. If you read the comments sections of the major news feeds, and even some mainstream media sources, you will see a dark, hating side of human nature that wants to degrade and hurt women.

Who are they? They claim to be Obama supporters. I know for a fact some of them are.
Here is one example from a progressive blog I know to be supporting Senator Obama:

It was accompanied by the slogan, “Babe, either you go quietly or we send in the Flying Monkeys.”

“Babe?” “Go”? “Flying Monkeys”? And an image of a witch?

No, I’m not going to give a link. It could be from any number of sources–they’re all over the place now. But the writer is apparently so enamored of his candidate that his willing to use a tripple whammy of name calling, condescending epithets, and threats of bodily harm, so say nothing of trying to stop a democratic free election.

All this in the name of a candidate who claims to be able to end divisiveness and bring people together.

I don’t see much possibility of any candidate bringing about all this hoped-for change, unless it is as the candidate says: “You are the change you’ve been waiting for,” and the followers themselves are expected to bring about the change. In that case, the prospect is doomed. That campaign seems to be attracting nothing but haters.


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  2. Nijma Says:

    Thanks for the link, Geek, your videos are always engrossing. I’ll think about writing a separate post, but what I try to do with this blog is more to examine and reflect than endorse. Your other video was much more in that vein.

    The footage of the 1968 Democratic Convention does make you pause. Denver could get interesting.

    Update: a link to the video is now included in a post about the race and gender split in the Democratic party.

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