“Sweetie???” Senator Obama just doesn’t get it.

“Hold on one second Sweetie”, was Barack Obama’s response today to a Michigan reporter who asked “How are you going to help the American auto workers?”


And what about the reporter–does she have a name besides “Sweetie”? Yup. She’s Peggy Agar of Detroit’s WXYZ Channel 7.

Damozel, over at Buck Naked Politics reports a similar exchange last month described in Maureen Dowd’s column (no, I do NOT have the elite, premium NYT subscription):

Hillary has clearly raised Obama’s consciousness about the importance of courting the ladies. Touring a manufacturing plant in Allentown, Pa., Tuesday, he was flirtatious, winking and grinning at the women working there, calling one “Sweetie,” telling another she was “beautiful,” and imitating his daughters’ dance moves by twirling around.

Later, at a Scranton town hall, he went up to Denise Mercuri, a pharmacist from Dunmore wearing a Hillary button. “What do I need to do? Do you want me on my knees?” he charmed, before promising: “I’ll give you a kiss.”

Purrs Damozel acidly, “I am deeply shallow and he is madly attractive. But then I would switch back again to get a kiss from Bill Clinton or a smile from Hillary. I’m like that.”

Clinton supporters are already ticked off about the senator’s “Oh, you’re likable enough, Hillary” comment during a debate as well as his “brushing Hillary off his suit jacket” gesture the morning after the last debate, which many saw as condescending. There was the way he ridiculed her for handling a gun, too.

Whatever is he thinking? No wonder Obama only received 22% of the women’s vote in yesterday’s primary.

What to do. I have never given out Pinnochios–that’s a different website, and this really isn’t a Pinnochio type thing. What about Snobamas? Yeah, that’s the ticket. I hereby award three Snobamas to the senator for his distainful attitude towards women.

Update: The senator has apologized by leaving a message on the reporter’s cellphone—breezily using her first name… “Hi, Peggy…”

In case there is anyone who still just doesn’t get it, a commenter on the Chicago Tribune probably said it best:

“He can call me ‘sweetie’ when I can call him ‘boy’.”


4 Responses to ““Sweetie???” Senator Obama just doesn’t get it.”

  1. geeklove08 Says:

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  2. Nijma Says:

    Nicely done, Geeklove.

    You can contribute to the Clinton campaign online at hillaryclinton.com.

    Yes, ordinary people can do this. People who have never been active in politics before are contributing for the first time in their lives. You can contribute as little as ten dollars.

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  4. Lara Says:

    Give me a break. Of course he shouldn’t have called her “sweetie”, but it’s obviously a verbal habit that means nothing. I find myself calling lots of people sweetie, sweetheart, and honey, because I spend so much time with my young children. Does that mean I consider my dentist to be my son or my lover? No. It means I have a way of speaking when I’m relaxed, and it creeps out into in appropriate settings. Obama has two young daughters, both of whom are obviously deeply loved, and whom he undoubtedly calls “sweetie”.

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