Links: Election hate speech–are you “terribly sexist”?

Interesting links on the subject of sexism, and some tests to see if you’re sexist:

Misogyny I won’t miss by Marie Cocco in the Washington Times–a review of election ’08 hate speech

Hey Obama boys, Back off already! Rebecca Traister in Salon “Young women are growing increasingly frustrated with the fanatical support of Barack and gleeful bashing of Hillary.”–a narrative of the increasing cultural split and increasing split in the Democratic party.

The Male Privelege Checklist

Our Racist, Sexist Selves in the NYT

Campaigning while female –the Hillary wrinkle picture that guys were passing around on their cellphones last winter

Online psychological tests:

The ambivalent sexism inventory-answer 22 questions and see your score

U of C shooter test-target practice, distinguish between a criminal and a black

Harvard battery of psychological tests-list of tests


Anti-woman media images from this campaign

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