A new al-Qaeda speech: no coexistence

A new speech has appeared on a militant website in which speaks against coexistence with followers of other religions:

In a 45-minute video posted on a militant website, Abu Yahya Al-Libi said clerics who support unity among followers of different religions aim only to “court favour and flatter” the West.

Al-Libi says: “The duty of the Islamic nation is not to emulate the infidel nations, nor to lick their boots nor satisfy them…nor even look for ways to coexist.”

The footage shows the bearded al Qaida figure speaking directly into the camera, in front of a mud wall that could be the side of a house or mosque.

He wears a black turban and traditional white Muslim gown in the video.


Reported by Breaking News(DOT)IE news service. 5-22-08

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