Barack Obama sends me a feedback form

A while back I signed up to receive emails from most of the candidates. Most have stopped sending me emails by now, as their campaigns closed down. This week however, I got an email from Barack Obama. So what did he say? The nomination is in his pocket? He has done the math and it all adds up?

No. He says, “This is a pivotal moment in the election..” And he says “We have three more contests to go, and we’re going to fight for every delegate….” And he sends me a donate button with a link to his donation machine–but all the candidates do that. Then he sent me a feedback form and and asked me to take a survey.

A while back the Clinton campaign sent me a survey. Very simple it was. Name, zip code, write what you want. And a link to their privacy policy so you know what they do with the information.

The Obama survey is three pages. First page: name, address, email, date of birth, occupation, gender, …if you don’t think that’s nosy, looks what else they want to know…

Are you registered to vote?

Politically, what do you consider yourself to be?

In the past, how have you voted?

How often do you attend religious services?

Those aren’t required fields, and they certainly aren’t questions I would answer without knowing who is going to have access to the information and what they are going to do with it–and why on earth they are asking for the information in the first place.

But what about it? Should I complete the form? And if I do, what should I tell them?


3 Responses to “Barack Obama sends me a feedback form”

  1. Irishspacemonk Says:

    Do you really need to ask? Are you looking of some sort of story? Obviously they just want to know some basic demographic info. Don’t fill it out – the campaign won’t be worse off. Not sure what the big deal is here for you.

  2. Nijma Says:

    It creeps me out, that’s what. But you’re probably right that they don’t really care what I think.

    This might be a good time to mention the free throwaway email registration service

  3. Paul V Says:

    First let me say,,I am for Hilary,,Obama has no agenda,, He running on nothing more than Corporate Media hype,
    Every seems to be caught up in this Barack Obama Magic show. since the media is pushing Hilary out ,, and certain democrats, then 75% to 80% Hilary voter will do what Obama supports said they will do,, Obama support seen on CNN and Msnbc saying if obama don’t win the primary, they are going to vote for McCain, well since then Between certian Democrats and Corporate,,, there already a campaign of Hilary supporter,,
    Even if Hilary decide to back Obama, up to 80% of hilary supporter will not vote for Obama or flat out vote for McCain,
    I voted for Hilary and no matter what, I will not vote for Obama and better yet, I will not waste my vote, I will vote for McCain, I do think America is ready for a black President, Not Obama, and better yet ,, Obama voter now are saying if you don’t vote for him it Racist, I am not going to Obama because he is a Fraud, No more No Less, Not because he black or white, just because on every single one of his debates He could not answer a hard question for the simple fact they gave them to Hilary,, not only that, everything Hilary said she was going to do, Obama Agreed, with her every single time,, and uses her way on his campaign, Obama needs the other half of Hilary Votes, to win against McCain, and that is a fact, ,,,, Remember if Obama supporter can say they will VOte for McCain if Obama don’t win, then guess what All Hilary voter are uniting and doing the same thing,, what goes around comes around,

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