Phantom Jan Schakowsky evaporates from Hillary’s home town Park Ridge Memorial Day parade

Hillary Clinton’s supporters were in good spirits for the Memorial day parade in Hillary’s home town of Park Ridge in Illinois last weekend–except for one thing. Jan Schakowsky.

That would be superdelegate Jan Schakowsky, jan schakowsky with hornsas in U.S. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky who represents the Illinois 9th district. Every time the nice weather and friendly smalltown parade threatened to put them in a good mood, they remembered Jan Schakowsky. Oh, yes, they were on the lookout for her.

Jan Schakowsky was going to be in the parade, it was rumored. How dare superdelegate Jan Schakowky come here, right to Hillary’s very home town, after endorsing Hillary’s opponent in the presidential race. The same Jan Schakowsky who has spoken out so strongly for having more women in public office.

But the elusive Jan Shakowsky was one step ahead of the rumors all day. It was rumored she was going to be on the reviewing stand. Hillary’s supporters took to the streets at the end of the parade, hoping to see her at the reviewing stand. But the peripatetic Jan Shakowsky was not there. Yes, she had been marching in the parade behind a certain vehicle for most of the route. Yes, someone confirmed she had been standing right there at the bottom of the steps. She must have gone thataway. Where?–fumed Hillary’s supporters. But Jan Shakowsky had another engagement and was already out of Dodge. Almost as if she knew.


4 Responses to “Phantom Jan Schakowsky evaporates from Hillary’s home town Park Ridge Memorial Day parade”

  1. nobodysent Says:

    Jan did march in the parade, like she does every year. Your information is wrong.

  2. geeklove08 Says:

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  3. Nijma Says:

    @nobodysent: Um, that’s what it says, if you read it. According to third-hand information.
    @geeklove: Thanks again, don’t know why your comments keep getting stuck in the moderation queue–everything here is unmoderated. I’ve increased the number of links allowed–maybe that’s it.

  4. worldlymother Says:

    No Arab would support Hillary Clinton -she sided with the Republicans against the Democrats effort to stop the use of cluster bombing innocent civilian Arab populations.
    And no human with a heart would EVER support those.

    You’re site and beliefs are therefore an insult and a lie to your readers..

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