McCain/Clinton Dream Team?

Hillary keeps saying she will do everything she is asked to get a Democrat elected in the fall. Why should that even be a question?

Hmmm. Maybe it means she could change her mind. After all, she did start out her political life as a Goldwater Girl, even if she was just a puppy at the time.

Think what becoming more of a centrist party could do for the Republicans. McCain has already been reaching out to those who were turned off by the rudeness of the Obama campaign. What if the Republicans could turn their backs on legislating morality and enacting various churches’ social agendas, and instead turn towards fiscal responsibility and partnering with business to solve the nation’s problems. Hillary also seems to have the sort of attention to detail and nuts and bolts policy analysis that McCain needs in his team. McCain could do a lot worse for a vice presidential running mate.

McCain/Clinton in 2008. Has an interesting ring to it.

I’m just saying.

One Response to “McCain/Clinton Dream Team?”

  1. I Want Clinton Says:

    YES!! my first choice: Hillary Clinton for president this time around. my 2nd choice: get her name on that ballot – I don’t care if she’s a dem nominee…. she is my nominee with my vote in the primary – I just want to be able to check off a box next to her name. Don’t care what party label they put on her. I just want her. 3rd choice: McCain / Clinton. Some say that can’t happen…. but it did when Abe Lincoln asked his vp choice #1 to step down and then he chose Johnson to run with him. I really don’t Obama so don’t know what to do if I can only have a choice of Obama/Clinton or McCain / ?. Guess it would depend on who McCain picks as VP.

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