Stop FISA secret domestic spying bill HR 6304–call your senator now

Stop FISA. Call your senator now.

The senate switchboard number is (202) 224-3121. Ask for your senator by name and they will connect you.

Or you can look up your senator’s direct number |here|.

For up to the minute info on opposition to FISA, check Electronic Frontier Foundation. They were the first to publish the text of the secret FISA amendment compromise. Last week they had current info on every House member’s position on the bill. This week they will link you to your senator’s info as well as collecting information about what your senator’s office tells you when you do make that phone call.

One Response to “Stop FISA secret domestic spying bill HR 6304–call your senator now”

  1. Happiness Hacker Says:

    Intellectual Property Theft and Trade Secret Theft Are Real Threats with FISA!

    Do you want Bush Buddies viewing your trade secrets, your bid details, your R & D plans, your intellectual property development or your confidential communications? That’s what’s happening with FISA.

    Private contractors monitor U.S. telephone and internet communications for the government. They operate without any independent oversight, accountability or control.

    60-70% of the CIA’s National Clandestine budget goes to private contractors. See for links to respected resources.

    Some of these private contractors are corrupt, others have weak internal controls, the ALL have their own profit goals and agendas.

    Security of our intellectual property and trade secrets is vital to our competitive success in the future.

    STOP Unlawful Monitoring of U.S. Telephone and Internet Communications NOW!

    ~ Happiness Hacker – HappinessHacker dot om

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