Phone busy? Email your senator.

The reality is that legislative votes can happen very quickly, and if you really want to weigh in before they’re already decided, you have to either call or fax. But if you can’t get through to your senators’ offices, while you’re waiting you might want to try writing an email. The senate contact info is |here|–you can submit an email right on the senators’ websites.

Senator’s must get a huge volume of mail. Do the Legislative aides who do the email shove them into piles of “for” and “against” or do they just make a count?

If I am against FISA, I don’t want my email to go into the “for” pile by mistake. Then, I want it clear that I don’t care about the telecoms and the partisan who-can-get-nailed-for-wrongdoing stuff, I care about the illegal invasion of privacy and stopping it. So how do I get my point across quickly to the multitasking aide who is putting stuff in piles while answering the phone and greeting walk-ins?

Here is the email I finally settled on to send my senator:

Please support the filibuster of FISA compromise bill H.R. 6304.

No warrantless wiretaps.
No warrantless search of homes and offices.
No retroactive immunity.

I would appreciate receiving any position statement you have on the topic.


That email was for the senator who writes polite responses that start with “Mr.” or “Dr.” or “Ms.” and are responded to promptly.

My other senator addresses email to me by my first name…really now, would I be able to address him by first name?… and the response from his office can take several weeks. For him I change the “support” to “join” and delete the “thanks”–this isn’t a guy who understands or values courtesy.

Emails sent. Now I can go back to researching a good cellphone provider who isn’t going to listen in on my phone calls. U.S Cellular? Trakfone? T-Mobile?

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