Angry women: Another offensive campaign stereotype

So there was this guy who went fishing and he liked strawberries, so he baited his hook with strawberries and threw it in the water. He didn’t catch any fish. Why ? Because fish are angry. Angry about, …about,… well, because, you know, fish are emotional and they’re just always angry about something.

Anyone have a hard time believing that?

Now let me tell you about the 40% of Clinton supporters who say they won’t vote for Obama. Angry. You know how women are. Just angry. Emotional. Not capable of rational thought process…. Will that make headlines a little faster? You bet. You will have people writing articles about angry, angry, angry (and old, old, old) women. Then you will have other people writing other articles that say the real reason is because of concerns about Obama’s job qualifications and refer to actual polls and stuff and point out that no one actually asked the, women, what they were thinking.

In the meantime all this woman/irrational/angry stuff is repeated and repeated all over the internet. People who aren’t really paying attention will have yet another anti-female stereotype circulating just under their level of consciousness.

Let’s face it, the B-word just isn’t politically correct anymore, but it was so successful in trying to dismiss women from the political spectrum that it just can’t be allowed to disappear quite so quickly. What oh what can replace it. Anger! Maybe you can even get those nasty PUMA women to buy off on the notion that the real reason they don’t want to vote for Obama is just because it’s that time of the month. If you can get a woman to write the article, that might give it even more credibility.

That’s how these hate campaigns are done. You just get enough surrogates to repeat something over and over again until people start believing it.

That reminds me: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any longer.

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