Obama’s new/old FISA statement

A driveway moment today as an NPR broadcast was describing how Obama political rise was much faster than usual because of the liberal Hyde Park/University of Chicago neighborhood and the Kenwood area to the north of it that provided his political base. He got to bypass the Chicago machine, where advancement is much slower. Then, he abandoned his Hyde Park base–some of them still a bit miffed after all these years, but no one willing to speak for the record–and embraced the Chicago machine. He appears to be following the same tack that has served him well before in abandoning old supporters for new supporters that can give him a political advantage. Women’s issues have been trampled by a misogynistic campaign. Now the netroots that have provided his financial base in an innovative fundraising campaign have been the latest casualties of Obama’s shifting political alliances as Obama ignores the outrage over FISA. What will be next–will we discover that the rumor about Iraqi financiers funneling millions of overseas dollars into the campaign disguised as grassroots American internet donors are really true? Sounds crazy, but maybe that’s the real reason he doesn’t need his liberal base anymore.

Obama’s long awaited new FISA statement is |here|. Glenn Greenwald’s analysis is |here|.

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